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Dummy Air Ticket or Actual Flight Ticket: What should I Purchase for Visa Application?


If you are new to traveling and submitting a visa application for the very first time, a question will surely pop up that should you purchase a dummy air ticket or an actual flight ticket for the visa application purpose?

But you need not worry anymore as this article addresses this ambiguity once and for all.

What is Dummy Air Ticket?

A dummy air ticket or dummy flight reservation is a piece of document that you submit for the visa application’s purpose only. It’s not an actual air ticket but can be converted into one if need be.

A dummy reservation entails the applicant’s information including his full name, proposed flight route, entrance date, departure date, and name of the airline.

While purchasing a dummy air ticket for the visa application’s purpose, you should make sure that it is verifiable. It means that the visa officer can verify it by entering a unique six-digit alphanumeric code on the airline’s website. If it is verifiable, the website will display all the information of the applicant including his/her full name, entrance date, departure date, and proposed flight routes along with complete flight itinerary.

If the website does not redirect the visa officer to the information tab and an error appears, it means that you have been scammed and your dummy flight reservation is not verifiable. This will result in rejection of the application. Sigh!

A dummy reservation is also called a flight reservation for visa application, flight itinerary for visa application, or travel itinerary.

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What is An Actual Flight Ticket?

The term is self-explanatory itself. Isn’t it?

An actual flight ticket is a real flight ticket. The only thing that differs it from a dummy air ticket is that the former costs a lot of money when compared with the latter.

Now, this leads us to the actual query: Should I purchase a Dummy Air Ticket or An Actual Air Ticket?

For visa application purposes, always purchase a dummy air ticket. The reason behind this recommendation is that a dummy flight reservation costs only a petty amount; the price varies from $10 to $30 depending upon various factors including urgency, proposed route (s), etc.

Note* The price of the dummy ticket listed above is for a single traveler. As the number of applicants increases, the price will increase too accordingly. 

Now an actual air ticket can cost you as much as USD 1000. Now in case, your visa application is rejected for any reason whatsoever, you will lose all or greater chunk of your hard-earned money that you spent on an actual air ticket.

One-Way Air Ticket and Roundtrip Dummy Air Ticket

For short-stay visas, we recommend that you always attach a roundtrip air ticket with your visa application as it increases the chances of visa approval manifold.

For long-stay visas, always attach a one-way air ticket with your visa application as you are not sure about the date you’ll fly back to your country.flight-reservation-for-visa




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