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Flight Reservation

Yes. There’s a six-digit alphanumerical code written on flight itinerary. Enter it on the airline’s website along with your last name. If details appear on the website, it means your flight itinerary is verifiable.

Get a new and verifiable flight itinerary immediately. Otherwise, you’ll get in a lot of trouble and your visa application might get rejected.

Contact customer support executive as soon as possible and get this issue fixed. It will cost you few additional bucks.

We can hold your flight reservation for 7 upto 14 days, or it might be depending on the airline’s bookings capacity. In most cases, our flight itinerary is valid for upto 14 days regardless of flight/airlines issues. This is exactly the amount of time taken by an embassy or consulate to decide on your visa application.

Yes. You can convert your verifiable flight itinerary into an actual flight ticket. But for this to happen, you have to pay price equivalent to original flight ticket.

No. We strongly recommend against doing it. If your visa application gets rejected, you will lose a greater chunk – or in the worst case scenario – all of your hard-earned money.

No. For short term visa application, always submit a roundtrip flight reservation with your visa application. A roundtrip flight reservation ensures visa officer that itinerant has no intention whatsoever of staying illegally in the host destination.

You will get your flight reservation document within 2-3 hours, or it might take 12-24 hours(rare cases) in rush time.

Hotel Booking

The very purpose of purchasing a verifiable hotel reservation is that it can be verified from the hotel using telephone numbers and email. Also, it is very important to purchase verifiable hotel bookings and reservations as visa officer verifies the hotel bookings and if he is unable to do that, your visa application will be rejected.

To purchase a verifiable hotel booking, you need to submit personal details including your full name, email id, telephone numbers and numbers of travelers.

Besides, you will also submit name of city or cities you are going to visit, check in (s) and check out (s) dates.

Name of City + Check-in date + Check-out date (For example: Paris, Check-in date: 10th November 2019, Check-out date, 15th November 2019).

At BRFV, we serve verifiable hotel bookings for any country in the world.

Your place of residence does not matter at all. Just pick the package that best suits your needs.

We do not place any limit on number of bookings you can purchase in one order.

You can add four bookings in a single purchase. Then for each new order, you have to pay another $8.

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