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Hotel Reservation for Visa Application – Ultimate Guide


Arisen by the Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of The European Parliament And of The Council of 13 July 2009, establishing a Community Code on Visas known as “Visa Code”, Hotel Reservation/Proof of Accommodation is a rule of the visa application procedure that each Schengen country ought to apply to their foreign visa seekers.

Just like flight reservation and travel medical insurance for visa purpose, hotel bookings also falls under the category of supporting documents.

Embassies and consulates demand this document to determine whether the applicant has sorted out accommodation means in the host nation. A hotel reservation document also states that the applicant has made an advance payment in this regard.


Through hotel reservation [also known as proof of accommodation], the staffers of embassies and consulates also determine the applicant’s dates of stay and his travel itinerary.

The embassies and consulates determined this thorough following means:

Invitation letter: A letter issued by the permanent resident of the host nation. The permanent resident should get this letter testified from the local authorities.

Proof of Accommodation: As mentioned earlier, proof of accommodation confirms in determining the applicant’s travel dates and his travel itinerary.

In the case of a tourist visa, a visa applicant needs to provide the details of a pre-paid tour along with details of payments to the tour operator.

Should the applicant make all payment in advance for a hotel reservation?

No. Making all payments in advance in this regard is not a wise decision. This is because you will lose all of your money in case your visa application is rejected. So, what’s the solution? The answer lies in the Dummy Hotel Booking for visa application.

What is Dummy Hotel Booking for visa application?

A dummy hotel booking or hotel reservation is authentic and valid proof of accommodation. Being a trustable and worth alternative, a hotel booking document slashes the risk of losing money as it comes against a petty price tag.

If you are applying for a tourist visa, then a dummy hotel booking suits you best. If your visa is approved, you can cancel it without paying any additional charges or convert it into a real one [whichever best suits your needs].

How to Acquire Dummy Hotel Booking for Visa Application?

This process of acquiring a dummy hotel booking or hotel reservation for visa application is not complicated at all. The answer to this query lies in the digital multiverse.

You can avail services of the trustable online agents against a very petty sum of cash.

You can acquire your dummy hotel reservation by simply following these steps:

  • Go to bookingreservationforvisa.com
  • Click on Hotel Booking,
  • Pick the package that best suits your need,
  • Fill the form,
  • Proceed with the online payment.

We serve authentic and verifiable documents that can be easily verified by calling at the hotel’s numbers or by sending an email. We organize all matters professionally and in accordance with contemporary laws.

Process of verifying Hotel Booking document

As mentioned earlier, the process of verifying the hotel booking document does not involve any rocket science. All you need to do is to dial the telephone number printed on the hotel booking document or by sending an electronic mail at the id mentioned in the documents.



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