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No Objection Letter for Visa | How to Write NOC | Free Templates.

This article helps you to find how to write a No Objection Letter for a Schengen visa application. Before that, I want to share some information with you.

Different types of people have a different number of wishes, but it is not necessary to fulfill all of them, few will be acceptable. Most people have alike wish to get a Schengen visa and visit the most beautiful part of the earth.

Yes, we are talking about 26 Schengen countries, which is the member state of Europe. If someone gets a Schengen visa successfully, then he/she freely visit all these 26 states till visa validity. But unfortunately, getting a Schengen visa is not an easy task. We need to work very hard to convert this dream into reality. 

The most important part of this whole process is to find the correct documents for the visa application. And analyzing which documents support your visa application.

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We are talking about one of the optional document which might be boost-up your visa application approval chance. The letter which we are talking about is No Objection Letter or NOC.

What is a No Objection Letter?

The No Objection Letter is a letter that you can get from your company or employer (if you are a worker) and from an educational institute(if you are a student).

In this letter, organizations state your obligations or duties for which you need to come back to your home country. The embassies or consulates find this letter as a security letter, which ensures them that you will not try to overstay in a destined country and not try to live there permanently by using illegal ways.

That is why we can say this letter will increase your visa approval chance.

Will Submitting No Objection Letter With Visa Application is Mandatory?

No, as we mentioned that this is just an optional document. If you attach this letter with your visa application, you will find it beneficial for your visa application. If you think you are not able to submit a Schengen visa application without this letter. It is wrong you can submit your visa application without this particular letter.

Are There Any Types Of No Objection Letter?

Yes, typically No Objection Letter has two types:

  1. No Objection Letter for Workers/Employees
  2. No Objection Letter for Students/Scholars

No Objection Letter For Employees: 

If you are working for an individual or organization, you will need this type of NOC letter. 

No Objection Letter For Students:

Like you are studying in any educational institute like the university, college, and school. You will need to request your institutional administration for issuing the letter to you.

How Can I Get No Objection Letter From My Employer or Company?

Obtaining this NOC letter from your company is not a difficult task. You need to ask about this letter. If you are directly dealing with the boss, request his/her for issuing this letter. For the big or multinational company, you will need to contact your human resource department to requesting the letter.

One important thing needs to make sure that before demanding a No Objection Letter from the company, you need to arrange a leave approval letter because this letter has core importance for the visa application process. You must submit the leave approval letter too with your visa application.

Now, everything becomes Easier to have already take a leave approval letter from the company/employer. They know about your travel trip already and will provide you NOC letter too. You will show your other visa reservations like flight itinerary and hotel booking for putting more confidence.flight-reservation-for-visa

Please Note: First asking for the leave approval letter after collecting the leave approval letter go-ahead for No Objection Letter. 

  • Company/Employer will state these elements inside the NOC letter:
  • Employee Salary
  • Joining Date
  • Number of Leave Days
  • Statement About Applicant Financial Conditions(Will employee able to afford all travel expenses)

How Can I Get No Objection Letter From My Educational Institute?

For getting a No Objection Letter from your educational institute, you will need to concern with these authorities:

  • Head of Department
  • Dean of Specific School
  • Professor/Teacher
  • Class Advisor 

Just show your concern in front of them that you will need to travel to Schengen country for whatever reason try to plan a visit during your summer breaks. These are usually long your institutional authorities have no issue with providing you No Objection Letter for these days.

How Does No Objection Letter Look Like(format)? What Things Contain This Letter?

The format of this letter is so Easy and Simple. Please check you have a No Objection Letter which contains these elements:

  • Writing Date of Letter
  • Complete Address of Visa Application Center
  • Name of Applicant
  • Name of Employer(If applicable for the worker)/Supervisor(If for student)
  • Address of Employer/Supervisor
  • A statement that proves that the company and institute have no objections to your travel.

What is The Importance of No Objection Letter for Visa Application?

When getting a No Objection Letter from your Company or Educational Insitute, they stated that we have no objections to employee/student travel for the Schengen area. And this letter will also ensure the embassy or consulate that the applicant has some duties in his/her home country, and the applicant will come back to his/her home country to perform a job/study again.hotel-booking-for-visa-application

How NOC Letter Increase Visa Approval Chance? Any Justification.

Here I want to share this link for the most frequently asked question by the diplomatic officer at the visa interview.

If you read this article, you will find various questions regarding your return, which means the embassy and consulate have concerns with your return. They do not want you that you will stay in a Schengen country for a Long period illegally.

So, the Basic purpose of the No Objection Letter is to ensure the diplomatic officer that the applicant should come back for their work/study in a kind of documented way.

NOC Sample for Employees:


NOC Sample for Students:


You can use these above NOC samples as another related search also:

  • No objection letter for bank
  • No objection letter for students
  • No objection letter for visa
  • No objection letter from the school
  • No objection letter from parents
  • No objection letter from a business partner
  • No objection letter for visa from husband to travel

Please Note: you can use also use the above templates for all of these types of NOC letters. You need to replace elements accordingly to your need.


Getting a Schengen visa is not a simple task but, if you make it possible then, you have a powerful Visa through which you can visit 26 Schengen states(almost entire Europe) freely.

So, you should need to arrange all documents properly before submitting your visa application to the embassy. You can also attach other required documents with your visa application because they smartly support your visa application. No Objection letter is optional but a Supportive document for your visa application. We always recommend you submit this document with your visa application.


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