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Proof of Accommodation – Hotel Booking For Visa

This article helps a traveler to find confirmed proof of accommodation or hotel booking for visa application. That is the step by step guide to get proof of accommodation letter for increasing visa approval chance.

If you are traveling to the Schengen area or Europe doesn’t matter are you going for studies as a student, business, or just for a trip. You will need to submit a verifiable hotel reservation letter for a visa to the embassy or consulate in which you are applying.

Dummy hotel booking or hotel reservation gain the same importance as a flight reservation or dummy flight ticket at the time of visa setups. Which means at the time of the visa interview, you will need to submit this particular proof of accommodation along with flight reservation and other visa documents.

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What is a dummy hotel reservation for the visa application?

At the time of preparing visa documents, you always attached proof of accommodation, or also as we called it, a hotel booking letter with your application along with a flight reservation for a visa.

The same document also famous with the following names:

  • Evidence of place to stay.
  • Proof of sponsorship 
  • Hotel reservation confirmation letter.
  • Evidence of prepared tour with details.

Importance of accommodation confirmation letter

At the time of begin Regulation (EC) No 810/2009 of The European Parliament And of The Council of 13 July 2009, establishing a Community Code on Visas known as (Visa Code) Proof of Accommodation is a rule of the visa application procedure that each Schengen country ought to apply to their foreign visa seekers.

The (Visa Code) stated that in Article 14 (1): 

“When applying for a uniform visa, the applicant shall present: 

  • Documents indicating the purpose of the journey;
  • Documents in relation to accommodation, or proof of sufficient means to cover his accommodation;”

While in the 4th section of the same article the “Visa Code” specifies: 

“ Member States may require applicants to present a proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation by completing a form drawn up by each Member State. That form shall indicate in particular:

  • Whether its purpose is proof of sponsorship and/or of accommodation;
  • Whether the host is an individual, a company or an organization;
  • The host’s identity and contact details;
  • The invited applicant(s);
  • The address of the accommodation;”

On the other side, Article 21(5) wants to say something more important for risk assessment and verification purposes.

“The means of subsistence for the intended stay shall be assessed in accordance with the duration and the purpose of the stay and by reference to average prices in the Member State(s) concerned for board and lodging in budget accommodation, multiplied by the number of days stayed, on the basis of the reference amounts set by the Member States in accordance with Article 34(1)(c) of the Schengen Borders Code. Proof of sponsorship and/or private accommodation may also constitute evidence of sufficient means of subsistence.”

Some more significance about proof of accommodation for the visa (Suppose idea)

Let’s suppose you want to travel to Italy, and you want to travel and visit different places in Italy, You need to submit valid proof of accommodations for all tour stays to the consulate or embassy unless in Italy you have your convince or tent, But this is not sufficient for visa approval you need to provide hotel booking or dummy hotel reservation for approval of your visa.

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How to Get Hotel Reservation For Visa Application (Proof of Accommodation)?

Many of the travelers lose their hard-earn money by trusting on Unknown and Non-Genuine Travel companies. Unfortunately, this will leads you towards your visa rejection because at the time of verification you will find these types of reservations fake (Fake Hotel Reservation).

But, no worries if you want to book your proof of accommodation or hotel booking you are in right place.

Just follow these simple steps to get your accommodation confirmation letter via Email.

  1. Go to Bookingreservationforvisa.com
  2. Select the Hotel Booking plan under Pricing & Plan Section.
  3. Fill the Details
  4. Make a payment
  5. Get your Accommodation Proof at your Email
  6. Print and attach it with your visa application documents.

We are always trying to serve our valuable customers most easily, So please watch our step by step process video for “how to reserve your hotel booking for visa application online”.

You will able to get hotel booking just one click on the banner below:


Accommodation letter or hotel Booking Sample:


How can I verify my booking reservation or proof of accommodation?

Generally, you need to check your confirmation number because, If you have a valid booking or reservation number then you will not need to worry about it. Because you are choosing Bookingreservationforvisa.com we provide a 100% verifiable and valid hotel booking confirmation letter but be aware if you try to submit a fake and invalid hotel booking to the diplomatic office then they will reject your visa application if not able to verify your hotel booking at the time of confirmation. The diplomatic office will confirm your reservation by directly contacting the hotel, either through written email or by other means. 

Will I need to pay full payment for Hotel Booking?

Actually No, If you book your hotel reservation from us you just need to pay full payment for the hotel after your visa is approved and you arrive in your applied city, then you need to pay the full payment by yourself directly to the hotel.

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What will do if I attached a fake hotel booking with my visa application?

You will face a lot of problems if you will trying to fraudulent or submitting the wrong documents, here are the consequences listed below:

  • Your application will be rejected.
  • Lost of a huge chunk of money that you investing in the visa application process.
  • May you are not able to apply again.
  • It might be possible too many rejections in the future because of a false reputation.

So we never recommend you to perform any such activity, whenever you will need to apply for a Schengen visa always attached confirmed and valid proof of accommodation along with your application.

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