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What Are The Reasons for Rejection of A Schengen Visa?

The procedure to preparing for a Schengen visa is resilient, but if someone has successfully done, starting to be afraid regarding the most common reasons for rejection of a Schengen visa. In this article, we are consulting on fundamental reasons why your visa application goes rejected and how you can prevent yourself from these reasons which lead you visa dismissal.

After the accession of visa application to the embassy, the diplomatic officer reviewing your visa application thoroughly, and the visa officer has all rights for acceptance or rejection. 

Let start to discuss the most common reasons which may cause rejection of your Schengen visa application.

1) Non-validity of Passport

A passport is an essential document for your visa application. You may get visa rejection if your Passport is invalid or meets any of the following statements:

  • Your Passport is older than ten years.
  • No blank pages remain in your Passport.
  • It shows less than three months validity which remains after the completion of the trip.

2) You Have Not Sufficient Fund for Completion of Entire Journey

If your bank account statements do not satisfy the visa office regarding the completion of the Europe trip, you may get visa rejection.

So, plan the trip according to your bank statement. If you have a low bank statement, plan a trip for fewer days and vice versa.

3) Travel Documents Are Not Verifiable

Travel documents also play a predominant role in getting visa acceptance. If your travel documents are not verifiable, you may get visa rejection.

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4) Having Criminal Record in Past

If the diplomatic officer determines your profile involving any criminal activities like terrorism and drug dealing, you will get visa refusal by the embassy. 

5) Having No Valid Proof of Accommodation

Like travel documents, valid proof of accommodation in the destined country/city is also necessary. If you do not provide accommodation proof or your proof is not verifiable, you may get a visa rebuff.

You can get a valid hotel booking for your visa application by using this link.hotel-booking-for-visa-application

6) Lack of Travel Medical Insurance

Europe strictly demands travel insurance from the applicant that wants to travel Schengen area. It is essential to submit an insurance paper along with the visa application. So if you are attached to false travel insurance documents along with your visa application, you will get visa refusal.

Please Note: The travel insurance must cover the whole Schengen area and provide coverage of 30000 euros.

7) Your Passport is Damage

Your visa application will not be approved if your attached Passport is damage, unclear to read, or hides any identifiable information.

8) Lack of Satisfaction Regarding Purpose of Planned Trip

This point is essential for getting acceptance and rejection of a visa. It is mandatory to satisfy the visa office regarding our purpose of travel to the Schengen area if our referring documents are not related to the purpose of the planned trip that caused visa rejection.

9) Birth or Marriage Certificate Not Acceptable By The Embassy

Your certificates are not acceptable by the embassy because 

  • Neglecting to offer a certificate signed by official authorities
  • Certificate in non-English languages not translated by the authentic translator
  • Not providing proof of civil certificate


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