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Cover Letter for Schengen Visa Application

A cover letter is a document written by the applicant for a Schengen visa application towards the embassy/consulate, where other application documents are submitted.

In this article, you will find how to write the perfect cover letter for your Schengen visa application, as well as you will also discover which documents you will need to enclose with your cover letter.

Cover Letter For Schengen Visa Must Contains:

  • Provide a reason why you travel to Schengen country or Schengen member states.
  • Proof of your financial conditions that provide evidence that you can fund your trip.
  • In the case of a sponsored trip, you will need to justify the relationship between you and the sponsored person. Must provide the reason why he/she will Sponsor you for this trip.
  • Detailed Itinerary that also explains why you select the specific embassy for your Schengen visa application.
  • Please attach an alternative paper if not able to submit the required document and also state the reasoning.
  • A Letter of intent return to your home country, A separate letter which explains your firm determination to come back to your home country.


Please Note: You need to write the cover letter for a Schengen visa in that manner as you talk with the visa officer. It will explain everything about your journey same you are directly interviewing with the visa officer. 

Your cover letter is the only mean of communication between you and the visa officer.

Now, most of the embassy or consulate takes applicant documents via VFS services, which means you will not get any chance to talk with the visa officer face to face. That is why you will need to write your cover letter for the Schengen visa application like you are in front of the visa office and explains everything about your upcoming trip.flight-reservation-for-visa

You will also need to write a cover letter even it is not mentioned in your visa application requirements list because it will convey a good impact on your visa application at the time of visa processing.

Always Remember: You will need to write a cover letter accordingly to your visa types like visit/tourist visa, business visa, and medical visa.

As mentioned above, that flight reservation for a visa is one of the main supporting document for a cover letter, So why you are waiting? Get your flight reservation now. hotel-booking-for-visa-application

Sample: Cover Letter for Tourist/Visit

The sample starts from here.

April 03, 2019


Maitama P.M.B.

239 Garki Abuja-FCT,


Subject: Wande XXXXXXX, Nigerian Passport No: XXXXXX, Schengen Visa for Visit Friend/Family

Dear Sir/Madam,

I would like to apply for a Schengen visa upon my intention to travel to Belgium from August 2 to August 28, 2019.

The fundamental reason for my travel is to visit my Belgium friends. Nonetheless, I look forward to likewise visit the radiant sights all through Belgium, just as experience the popular Belgium food and get familiar with the Belgium culture and lifestyle. During my remain, I and my companions wish to spend an occasion in Belgium with fantastic places like Mechelen, Ardennes, Antwerp, and Ghent to praise my forthcoming graduation.

I am employed at {name of employer} in {address of employer} since April 2017, currently holding the position of Sr. Marketing Executive.

My employer has already approved my vacation from work for the duration of this trip.

I also attached the following documents which support my visa application:

Additional Documents For Medical Schengen Visa Purposes:

  • Enclosed copies of medical records about your condition
  • Bank statements and health insurance coverage to cover for medical expenses in {name of country}

I trust that you will find everything in order. For any further information, please contact me anytime.

Thanking you in advance for the consideration.


{Applicant complete name}

{Applicant address}


Sample: Cover Letter for Medical Visa

The following guidelines you need first go through:

  • The determination must be explicit
  • The suggested treatment must be named and portrayed in detail by an authorized medical services provider
  • Your provider must express a particular length of treatment. Lifetime or uncertain lengths of treatment won’t be affirmed

The sample starts from here.

{Current Date}

{Name of Referring Hospital}

{Address and Phone}

{Patient Name}

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing on behalf of my patient, (patient name here), to document the medical need of (medication/treatment/equipment in question) for the treatment of (the exact diagnosis). Please, find in this letter the information regarding the patient’s medical diagnosis and history and a summary of my treatment motive.

Patient Diagnosis and History:

{Mention patient all history(History after the disease is detected)}


{Provide details about medicine/treatment/equipment being referred to} what are the benefits and losses you would get during the treatment.)

Treatment Duration:

{Period the medicine/treatment/equipment being referred to is vital – conceivably not surpassing a year}


Please feel free to contact me in requiring any data I’m cooperating with you regarding: 

{medicine/treatment/equipment being referred to}.


{Name and signature of a physician}

Your licensed provider must complete, date, and sign the letter



Sample: Cover Letter for Business Visa Application

The sample starts from here.

{Letterhead of Company/Organization}

To: Consulate General of {Travel Country}


Dear Consul General:

Through this letter, I want to confirm that Mr./Mrs. {Name and last name} is an employee at our firm {company name}, as {job title/position}. Mr./Mrs. {Name} has been working with our company for the last {number of years} and will be traveling to {name of city}, {country} starting from {date of entry} until {date of exit} for a total of {number of days} to attend to the following work-related activities:

  1. Write in as much detail as possible about the business that will be conducted abroad

While {name of employee} is visiting your country, it is important to also visit {name of visiting company and contact details}.

Mr./Mrs. {Name} will be staying at [hotel name, address, phone number].

I kindly ask for the {visa type} to be issued to Mr./Mrs. {Name and last name} at your earliest convenience.

Please, do not hesitate to contact me should you have any further inquiries.

Thank you for your assistance.


{Supervisor signature}

{Name and last name}


{Phone number}

Also attached the following documents which support your visa application:


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