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Practical Direction for Apply French Schengen Visa from Zimbabwe

For Zimbabweans keen to explore the captivating landscapes and cultural treasures of France, obtaining a French Schengen visa is crucial. This requirement is driven by the wealth of experiences that France provides: serene countryside dotted with charming vineyards, remnants of ancient Roman civilization, the bustling energy of Paris, and the historic allure of Marseille. Navigating the visa application process can be challenging, as it demands a thorough understanding of the necessary criteria for approval. The French consulate meticulously oversees these documents to ensure accuracy and completeness, streamlining the application journey for Zimbabwean applicants. This comprehensive guide offers detailed support throughout the French Schengen visa application from Zimbabwe, addressing the significant need for precise guidelines. While it primarily targets Zimbabwean citizens, non-nationals residing in Zimbabwe can also benefit from it. By meticulously following these instructions, applicants can significantly enhance their chances of securing a visa, paving the way to experiencing France’s myriad attractions.

France warmly welcomes tourists from across the globe, including from countries such as Ecuador, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Qatar, Nepal, Bahrain, Oman, Belarus, Pakistan, Vietnam, Morocco, and Thailand. If you require assistance with obtaining a French Schengen visa from any of these nations or are interested in traveling to Italy and Spain from Zimbabwe, please consult the links provided in the accompanying instructions for detailed guidance.


Applicant Statistics for a French Schengen Visa from Zimbabwe

Schengen Visa Statistics underscore the significant volume of annual applications for French Schengen Visas submitted to the French Consulate in Zimbabwe. In 2023, around 2,564 visa applications were lodged in Zimbabwe, boasting an approval rate of over 93%.

Years Schengen State Country Consulate Number of Visa Applications Visas Issued Visas Denied Not issued rate for uniform visas
2018 France Zimbabwe Harare 2,654 2,328 249 9.38%
2019 France Zimbabwe Harare 206 187 19 9.84%
2020 France Zimbabwe Harare 2,560 2,382 178 7.00%

Securing a French Schengen Visa from Zimbabwe

For obtaining a French Schengen Visa from Zimbabwe whether for business or leisure purposes, the French Embassy Consulate in Zimbabwe, serves as the primary gateway to the Schengen zone. Upon issuance, the visa permits holders to stay within the Schengen area for a maximum of 90 days within six months, subject to the validity of the visa.

Zimbabwean passport bearers in pursuit of a Schengen visa for France should present their applications at the French Consulate located in Harare. The consulate of France extends consular services for French visas in Zimbabwe, ensuring an efficient and streamlined application process inclusive of comprehensive submission services. Whether embarking on a business trip, holiday, or educational endeavor, applicants stand to benefit from the center’s robust assistance and the expertise of its affable and knowledgeable personnel.


Types of French Schengen Visas offered by The French Embassy in Zimbabwe

For traveling from Zimbabwe to France the visa requirements depend on the purpose and extent of your stay:

  • Short Stay French Schengen Visa for Individuals planning short stays in France for tourism, visiting family or friends, or engaging in brief educational activities. This visa permits a maximum duration of ninety days.
  • Long Stay French Schengen Visa for longer stays in France for purposes such as employment, business endeavors, educational pursuits, or family reunification. This visa is applicable for stays extending beyond the standard 90-day limit.
  • Airport Transit Visa for passengers transiting through a French airport en route to another destination.


Application Protocol for Securing a French Schengen Visa from Zimbabwe

French Embassy Consulate in Harare, Zimbabwe, exclusively offers consular services to visa applicants.

Steps to Apply for a French Visa:

Step 1 – Information Gathering and Visa Type Selection

Step 2 – Setting Up Your Online Application

Step 3 – Scheduling an Appointment

Step 4 – Pay the Required Dues

Step 5 – Application Submission

Step 6 – Monitoring Your Application Status

Step 7 – Passport Retrieval

Step 1 – Information Gathering and Visa Type Selection

Determine the suitable French Schengen visa type on the French consulate website according to your visit’s purpose, such as tourism, business, or study. Each visa category comes with particular requirements and restrictions, so ensure you grasp which classification aligns with your travel intentions. Gather information regarding the necessary documents for your selected visa type to prepare yourself for the application procedure.


Step 2 – Setting Up Your Online Application

Initiate the visa application process by accessing the French Schengen visa application form available on the official website of the French consulate. Thoroughly complete all mandatory fields, ensuring the provision of precise and honest information. Review the form meticulously to identify and rectify any errors or omissions before advancing to the subsequent stage.



Step 3 – Scheduling an Appointment 

Make sure to allocate ample time before your departure to schedule an appointment for the review of your French Schengen visa application. Verify the average waiting period for appointments, ensuring that you can submit your application within the appropriate timeframe. For long-stay visas, aim to submit your application three months to two weeks before your departure date, and for short-stay visas, aim for six months to two weeks before your departure date.


Step 4 – Pay the Required Dues

Submit the visa application fees as prescribed by the French consulate. Typically, payments can be made by cash deposit on the day of your appointment. Retain the payment receipt as evidence, as it may be required during your application submission.

Short-stay = 86 USD

Children under 6 = 0 USD

Children aged 6 – 12 = 43 USD


Step 5 – Application Submission

Attend your appointed session at the consulate to present your completed French Schengen visa application form along with all requisite documents. If required, provide biometric data like fingerprints and a photograph. Confirm that your application package is comprehensive to prevent any processing delays.

Step 6 – Monitoring Your Application Status

Keep track of the progress of your French Schengen visa application using the consulate’s online portal system. You can check the status of your visa application at any time in your “My Applications” area on France-Visas. Stay vigilant for any updates to remain informed about potential additional requirements or decisions.


Step 7 – Passport Retrieval

Upon completion of the visa processing, you will receive a notification to retrieve your passport from the French consulate. Verify that your French Schengen visa from Zimbabwe is accurately issued, confirming the correctness of details and validity dates.


Documentation Requirements for Acquiring a French Schengen Visa from Zimbabwe

The documents necessary for acquiring a French Schengen visa from Zimbabwe include:

  • Ensure the French Schengen visa application form is accurately filled out on a computer and signed by the applicant, handwritten will not be accepted. For minors, at least one parent or legal guardian must sign the form.
  • One recent colored photograph, taken within the past three months, against a light background with the applicant facing forward without glasses.
  • A travel document that is an Original Passport issued within the last 10 years, with a validity period extending at least 3 months beyond your intended departure from the Schengen Area. For long stays, the validity should extend at least 3 months beyond the requested visa expiry date. Ensure that the document contains a minimum of two blank pages. Transmit (scan) all pages of your travel document containing visas, entry, and exit stamps, or any other inscriptions.
  • If you are not a national of your country of residence: proof of legal residency in Zimbabwe in this case. (e.g., residence permit).
  • A return air ticket or an itinerary with confirmed travel reservations.
  • The travel medical insurance must cover repatriation for medical reasons or death, along with urgent healthcare and emergency hospital treatment, valid for the entire duration of stay throughout the Schengen zone. The policy must provide coverage of at least €30,000 or its equivalent in local currency.
  • Evidence of accommodation: Reservation of a hotel or sufficient resources to cover hotel expenses (equivalent to €120/day) or a tenancy agreement or certificate of ownership. If staying with a private individual: proof of accommodation (Cerfa form).
  • Proof of Financial Means: Financial means documentation (e.g., three latest bank statements, three latest paystubs, proof of pension).
  • Proof of socio-professional status (e.g., employment contract, certificate of employment, extract from the trade and companies’ register, school attendance certificate, proof of pension), along with any documents demonstrating the applicant’s ties to the country of residence (e.g., copy of marriage certificate, family record book).


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