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How To Get & Verify Dummy Hotel Booking for Schengen Visa

As diplomatic officials demand, you must have valid proof of accommodation that shows your stay duration of destination. You can use the same dummy hotel for Schengen visa application, and it should be verifiable via hotel management.

The impetus of this visa reservation is to identify the place of stay in the targeted country and the whole duration. So it is recommended to utilize a valid accommodation confirmation letter for a visa. Otherwise, you may get a visa rejection.

After an entire assessment of this article, you will understand why you require a dummy hotel booking for a Schengen visa and how to verify the dummy hotel for Schengen visa without getting fully paid in advance.

What Is Dummy Hotel Booking?

It is an electronic document created by GDS (Global distribution system) or third lodging reservations services that we can use as proof of stay in the landing country. In other words, proof of accommodation meaning is to reserve a hotel room in a terminus country that helps you to show booked stay accommodation at embassies or consulates without paying advance full payments.

It consists of the following information:

  • Traveler personal information name
  • Hotel name
  • Hotel booking reference number
  • Date of creation
  • Hotel detailed location
  • Rates per night 
  • Room type
  • Hotel Phone or Email
  • Checkout & CheckIn dates
  • Taxes status

The above items may vary from booking to booking. We mentioned with respect to our hotel reservation service, so please figure out the following attributes when getting a dummy hotel reservation for visa application.


Other Similar Words Concerning Dummy Hotel Booking

As Google is the pool of similar words, you will find the same with different words:  

  • Hotel Booking
  • Proof of accommodation letter for visa
  • Proof of valid accommodation 
  • Dummy hotel itinerary
  • Booked hotel confirmation
  • Hotel reservation
  • Dummy hotel itinerary
  • Hotel booking for visa application

You will find the above words on different official websites, so please do not confuse all directing to the dummy hotel booking. We used similar words in the below reading so that it will not be arduous to understand you.

What Is The Difference Between Dummy Hotel Booking & Fully Paid Hotels?

According to the given statement, we can get dummy hotel reservations by spending a small amount from travel agencies or lodging reservation services.

On the other hand, fully paid hotels obtain by full payment in advance. You will get fully paid hotels directly from hotel websites or lodging companies.

If you want to read more about dummy hotel bookings, please visit this link.

Is Dummy Hotel Legit To Use Instead of a Fully Paid Hotels for Schengen Visa Application?

Yes, adopting dummy hotel bookings instead of paid hotels is more legal. It is displayed on the embassies pages that submitting a hotel reservation is acceptable, and no need to buy a fully paid hotel before being demanded. 

Please find the following proofs, which show regular demands of dummy hotel booking from the applicant by the diplomatic officials.



Should I Require a Dummy Hotel Booking for Schengen Visa Application Purpose?

Yes, you need to attach verifiable hotel confirmation with your visa application because bookings created from a fake hotel reservation generator or dummy hotel booking online free will increase the chances of visa rejection.

It is compulsory to submit a dummy hotel reservation that contains 7-14 days of validity and confirm directly with the hotel administration.

Why Is It Required To Use Valid Dummy Hotel Booking Not Fake or Free Hotel Reservation for Visa Application?

As we already informed that embassies need to verify your hotel booking with your filled visa application details. You can say all details like name, location, and check-in/check-out dates should match with your submitted booked hotel confirmation.

Moreover, the diplomatic officer should inspect your submitted proof of accommodation online. If your hotel reservation is not showing, you may get a visa denial.

So that free/fake hotel bookings are no longer checkable and may arise the possibility of visa rejection. Please stay away from scams and fake hotel voucher providers.

Proof of Accommodation Example:

Here are some proof of accommodation letter samples for the Schengen visa. These samples may change hotel to hotel, and our team may use any default for booking completion.



What Are The Lodging Companies Are Used To Make Fully Paid Hotels & Dummy Hotel Bookings?

Here is a list of the most commonly used lodging companies that you can use for the creation of paid and dummy hotels.

How to Verify Dummy Hotel Booking?

The verification steps for dummy hotel bookings are easy. You need to call or email hotel management to get verification regarding the booking.

Hotel support may ask “booking reference” for confirmation of the booking. The booking code has mentioned on the top of your hotel booking pdf.

You can also verify your hotel bookings using the “Checkmytrip” application (this method only works with our visa reservation services).

How to Get Dummy Hotel booking for Schengen Visa Application?

If you are looking for a valid dummy hotel booking with 14 days validity and along confirmed booking reference number, take out the following steps:

  1. Go to Booking Reservation for Visa
  2. Select the “Hotel Reservation” form from the plans
  3. Fill out the form and submit
  4. Get dummy hotel booking confirmation via email instantly


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