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Looking to Applying for Schengen Visa from Saudi Arabia? Read This Absolute Guide First!


If you are a Saudi national or living in Saudi Arabia and want to visit any of the countries of the Schengen Area, you’ll have to apply for Schengen Visa first.

Schengen Area

Schengen Area is the world’s largest visa-free zone comprising as many as 26 member-states. These 26 countries have abolished their national borders in favor of a unified border and have adopted the same visa policies.

Schengen Visa

A Schengen Visa allows its owner to travel to any or all of the 26 countries of the Schengen Area. This visa is further classified into several categories like tourism Schengen Visa, Education Schengen Visa, and Business Schengen Visa.

A Bit About Saudi Arabia

Dubbed as the oil superpower, Saudi Arabia is the richest Muslim country on the mother earth right now and is the 12th largest economy in the world. It spreads over an area of whopping 2.15 million squares-kilometers making it 12th largest in the world in terms of the area. The country is inhabited by 33.7 million people.

Schengen Visa Requirements for Saudi Nationals

Like other visa nationalities, Saudi Arabia’s citizens need to apply for Schengen Visa if they want to enter the Schengen Area legally. The requirements for Saudi nationals are as follow:


Application form: Schengen Visa application form can be downloaded from the website of the embassy that you intend to visit. Fill it carefully and avoid any intentional or unintentional discrepancy. Once filled, post it to the embassy or the consulate.

You can also fill the Schengen Visa application form online.

Passport-sized pictures: You need to attach at least two passport-sized pictures with the application form. The pictures must not be blurred and old. Other instructions regarding pictures can be found on the website or embassy of the consulate that you intend to apply.

Flight Reservation: You need to attach a verifiable flight reservation with your visa application. There are two types of flight reservations: roundtrip flight reservations and one-way flight reservations.


We recommend you attach a roundtrip flight reservation with the Schengen Visa application as it ensures visa officer that itinerant has no intentions whatsoever of staying illegally in the country and once his purpose of visiting Schengen country is accomplished, he/she will return to his home destination.

Hotel bookings for visa application: This document ensures the visa officer that the applicant has sorted out accommodation problems in the host nation and has made advance payments in this regard. Also, by looking at the hotel bookings, a visa officer can match travel dates with a flight itinerary


.Travel Insurance: Arguably, the most important document in the Schengen Visa application form, a travel health insurance ensures a visa officer that the applicant will not become a liability on the host nation if he/she faces health complications during his/her stay in the Schengen Area.

While purchasing travel health insurance, make sure that the company provides coverage equivalent to EUR 30000 or USD 50000. You must also make sure that availed travel health insurance covers the cost of repatriation after death.


Means of subsistence.

 Cover letter.

 Sponsorship letter.

 NOC from the employee.

 Submit biometric data


A face-to-face interview is the most important process in your visa application process. The visa officers grill the applicant to make sure that the latter has no malicious intentions and wants to enter Schengen Zone purely for the reasons mentioned in the docs.

Collect Your Schengen Visa

Finally, a few days after the visa application process, you will receive a postal mail from the embassy with information as to whether or not you have cleared the visa application process successfully.

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