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How To Verify & Get Travel Itinerary for Visa Application

As per embassy and consulate concerns, you should have a sustainable travel itinerary that can show you trip details and satisfy your detailed itinerary according to your visa application. They also demand that it be verifiable and valid for a visa processing time.

As visa reservations experts, it is our responsibility to advise how to get a confirmed travel itinerary for any travel visa application and Schengen visa application.

After a complete review of this article, you will understand why you need a travel itinerary and how to book a verifiable flight itinerary for your visa application without purchasing of actual flight ticket. 

What is Travel Itinerary?

You will get numerous definitions if you search “Travel Itinerary / Flight Itinerary” on Google. After making the mashup of all these definitions, we can say a travel itinerary is an electronic document created by GDS (Global distribution system) or Airlines for reserving flight tickets without paying cost for the flight ticket.

Moreover, it has all details of a reserved seat, airline, departure/arrival/return, flight date & time, travelers information, flight number, booking reference or PNR, flight class details, and refreshment.

Other Alike Words Concerning Travel Itinerary

As Google is the collection hub of similar words, you can find an itinerary ticket meaning as follows:

  • Flight reservation
  • Flight itinerary
  • Dummy flight itinerary
  • Booked flight confirmation
  • Dummy ticket
  • Air ticket reservation
  • Onward flight
  • Travel reservation
  • Dummy flight ticket
  • Flight reservation for visa
  • Flight itinerary for visa application
  • Confirmed round-trip reservation
  • Return ticket.
  • dummy ticket for Schengen visa
  • flight reservation for Schengen visa

You will find the above words on different embassy official websites, so please do not confuse all referring to the travel itinerary. We used similar words in the below reading so that it will not unhinge you.


What Is The Difference Between Travel Itinerary & Air Flight Ticket?

There is no false if we say that there is a negligible difference between travel itinerary and flight ticket. We can say both look the same and will generate by airlines or Global distribution systems.

The only difference is the E-ticket number is missing on the dummy flight itinerary. An actual airline ticket comes with both an E-ticket and PNR number. On the other hand, a flight reservation comes with only a booking reference / PNR for verification purposes.

You can use this link to read more about dummy flight tickets and actual flight tickets.


Is Dummy Ticket Legal To Use Instead of a Flight Ticket for Visa Application Purpose?

Yes, considering a verifiable travel itinerary instead of an actual flight is legal. It is clearly stated on the embassies visa requirements page that submitting an onward flight booking is acceptable, and no need to buy a fully refundable flight ticket before being demanded. 

Here are some official sources that prove utilizing a flight reservation without payment for the visa is reliable.

Data Source: blsspainvisa

Should I Require a Verifiable Travel Itinerary for Visa Application Purpose?

Correct, hooking a verifiable flight itinerary with a visa application because a fake flight itinerary and invalid visa reservation may lead to your visa denial.

It is mandatory to submit a dummy air ticket that contains 7-14 days of validity and verify directly from the created airline.

The validity of the travel itinerary is the principal factor. Because of validity issues, many embassies promote submitting an actual flight ticket instead of a dummy flight itinerary.

So, we always recommended using a legitimate dummy ticket for the visa and a legit flight reservation for a Schengen visa.

Why Is It Mandatory to Use Confirmed Travel Itinerary Not Fake or free Flight reservation for Visa Application?

As we already mentioned that immigration officials require to verify your detailed travel itinerary accordingly to your visa application details. You can say all details like name, destinations, and departure/return dates match your submitted booked flight confirmation.

Moreover, the diplomatic officer should check your submitted flight reservation online. If your reservation is unverifiable, then you may get a visa rejection.

So that free/fake travel bookings are no longer verifiable and may arise the possibility of visa refusal. As per our experience, there is no free flight itinerary generator that can use for making dummy flight tickets, so please stay away from scams.

Flight Itinerary Example:

Here are some samples of travel reservations for visa applications. These samples may change route to route, and our team may use more examples for trip completion.





The above templates can use as sample travel itinerary for Schengen visa application.

Which Airlines Are Used to Reserve Travel Itinerary for Visa Application?

Specifically, only travel agencies will answer this question because different agencies have different reservation systems, and they know which airline is best to use concerning your trip details.

Here is the list of most commonly used airlines s that you can provide your preferences while getting a flight reservation for visa application.

  • Qatar Airways
  • Emirates
  • Jet Airways
  • Malaysia Airlines
  • Qantas
  • Thai Airways International
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa
  • Ryanair
  • Vueling Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • American Airlines
  • Delta Air Lines
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Cathay Pacific 
  • Lion Air
  • Singapore Airlines
  • etc

There are uncountable other airlines that also exist. You can find other airlines by visiting this link.

How to Verify Travel Itinerary Directly from Airline Website?

The best way to verify the flight itinerary is from the airline directly. Almost every dummy ticket has the same procedure of verification. You need to visit the “manage booking” page of the airline on which your travel itinerary has created, then enter your “booking reference” and the “last name” into the page form, and it will display your flight details.

For demonstration purposes, we are using dummy ticket Qatar airways. Verification from all other airlines is relatively the same.

Go to Google and write “Qatar Airways Manage booking” press enter.


The form will appear on your screens, then provide you “Booking ref” along with “last name” and press “find booking” this will open your flight details if your travel itinerary is valid.


You can also verify your dummy air ticket using the “Checkmytrip” application (this method only works with our visa reservation services).

How to Get Travel Itinerary for Visa Application?

If you are worried about how to get flight itinerary for visa application, then use the below simple steps to get a 100% verifiable flight reservation instantly.

  1. Go to Booking Reservation for Visa
  2. Select the “Flight Reservation” form from the plans
  3. Fill out the form and submit
  4. Get travel itinerary confirmation via email instantly


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