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Application Requirements For Hungary Schengen Visa | Guidelines & Types

Getting a Hungary Schengen visa is not an effortless task so, you need to work-hard before applying for a Hungary visa. If you want to get a Schengen visa for Hungary, you need to first know about the exact Hungary visa application requirements. If you stay with this article, you will not only obtain visa application requirements for Hungary, even you can also discover Hungary visa types, how to apply for a Hungary visa, required documents, and much more.

As Hungary signed the Schengen agreement on 16 April 2003, a massive count of visitors, students, and business owners apply for a Hungary visa to explore the beautiful places, top-class universities, and getting business opportunities of Hungary. Please locate the European Union statistics, which reveal how the world applicants apply for different Hungary Schengen visas every year at Hungary embassies or consulates.

Years SUM of Uniform visas applied for SUM of Total uniform visas issued (including MEV) SUM of Multiple entry uniform visas (MEVs) issued SUM of Total LTVs issued SUM of Uniform visas not issued Not issued rate for uniform visas Share of MEVs
2019 237,851 217,108 98,739 112 18,622 7.8% 45.5%
2018 228,793 210,827 109,647 204 17,762 7.8% 52.0%
2017 263,940 249,393 139,730 441 14,106 5.3% 56.0%

Source Data: Europa.eu

This article is the ultimate solution for getting Hungary visa application requirements, you can go through the following steps after reading this document decently:

So let’s get started to learn more about Hungary visa application requirements.

What Are The Types of Hungary Visa?

There are the following types of Hungary Schengen visa you may apply for one concerning your travel nature. There are two main categories of Hungary visas:

  1. Short Term Visa (C Type).
  2. Long Term Visa (D Type).

Short Term Hungary Schengen Visa Types (Type C):

  • Business visa 
  • Visa for the conference
  • Visa for medical treatment
  • Visa for a visit
  • Visa for tourism
  • Visa for taking part in sports events
  • Visa for transit
  • Visa for children
  • Traveling to several Schengen countries


Long Term Hungary Schengen Visa Types (Type D):

  • Visa for Education.
  • Employment Visa.
  • Visa for Family Reunification.
  • Visa for Property in Hungary.


Please Note: There are many types of Hungary Schengen visas, but we are only cover the most frequently used visa types in this article.

General Documents Requirements for Hungary Schengen Visa Application.

The following documents you will need to submit along with your visa application:

  • Hungary Visa Application Form: Sign and fill correctly please mention your stay duration and double-check it.
  • Foreign Valid Passport:  must be valid for at least three months after returning from Hungary, it must be issued within the last ten years and have at least two blank pages.
  • Two Color Photographs with white background, the size must be (3.5×4.5).
  • Medical Travel Insurance: Must cover Schengen area & provide coverage of 30000 Euros with 0 Euro Deductable.
  • Round-Trip Flight ReservationMust show your trip departure and return dates, and it should be verifiable.
  • Attach Proof of Sufficient financials Means for your Hungary Trip.
  • Proof of Accommodation(Hotel Booking).
  • Cover Letter.
  • Proof of Legal Status: like marriage certificate, death certificate of spouse, etc.


Below is the list of required documents for Hungary visa application accordingly to work status.

If Self-Employed:

  • Company bank statement of the most current six months.
  • Income Tax Return (ITR).
  • Business license proof.

If Employed:

  • No objection letter/NOC from the company.
  • Income Tax Return (ITR).
  • Bank statement for the latest Six months.
  • Employment verification.
  • Source of Salary.

If Student:

  • Confirmation of registration.
  • Permission letter from university or college.
  • NOC letter from the educational institute.

If a Retired Person:

  •  Pension statement(Six months).

If Applicable:

  • Proof of regular income generated by the property for the latest six months.

Keep in mind that you are accountable for appending or transfer all the above-required documents to the embassy by yourself or using an approved service. If you fail to present all required documents to the embassy, you may meet visa refusal.


Source Data: baku.mfa.gov.hu

Additional Required documents for Most Common Hungary Travel Visa Applications:

Here, we mention some additional documents according to different Hungary visa types, it will increase visa approval chance if you submit these subsidiary documents with your visa application.

Additional Documents Requirements for Hungary Children Visa:

  • Travel permission letter from parents.
  • Parental travel consent from another country living parent.
  • Parents income Proof.

Please Note: Parents or Guardians of the children must be available at the embassy for the visa interview.

Additional Documents Requirements for Hungary Student Visa:

  • Proof of financial means.
  • Approval Letter.
  • University enrolment certificate from Hungary university/college.

Additional Documents Requirements for Hungary Bussiness Visa Application:

  • Early Trade relationship proof letter with a Hungarian company.
  • Business bank statement of latest 6 months.
  • An invitation letter from the Hungary company.
  • Leaving permission certificate from the company.
  • Article of Association.
  • Trade License.
  • Proof of sufficient means for Hungary trip.

Required Additional Documents for Hungary Visit Visa Application:

  • Detailed Travel Itinerary.
  • Proof of sufficient means.
  • Six months of Bank statement.
  • An invitation letter – from Hungarian your family, friends, and spouse.

Additional Documents Requirments for Hungary transit visa:

  • An original valid visa.
  • Flight ticket for the destined country.
  • Other moving documents.

Additional Documents Taking Part in Sports Events(Hungary Visa):

  • Comprehensive List of Crew members.
  • Invitation letter from the event organizer or higher executives in Hungary.
  • Continuation of stay.
  • Round Trip travel confirmation

Additional Documents Requirments for Hungary Medical Visa Application:

  • A detailed medical record.
  • Payment receipt of medical fees.
  • Medical reports attestation from the Hungarian hospital or doctor.

Required Documents for Hungarian Husband/Wife Visa:

  • Hungarian citizenship proof.
  • Hungarian marriage certificate.
  • Hungarian family history book.

Additional Documents Requirments for Official Delegations Hungarian Visa:

  • Hotel Booking
  • Identity documents of the applicant
  • Proof for the trip (negotiations, meetings, events by intergovernmental organizations, consultations).
  • The official invitation letter.
  • Duration of stay

How to Apply For Hungary Schengen Visa?

To proceed with your Hungary visa application, you need to follow these actions:

  1. Investigate where you can submit your Hungary visa application.
  2. Select the Hungary visa type concerning a travel plan.
  3. Arrange all required documents for the Hungary visa application.
  4. Make a visa appointment.
  5. Attend the visa interview at the relevant Hungarian Embassy/Consulate/VAC.
  6. Wait for the result.

Can I Apply For Hungary Visa Extention?

Yes, you can apply for a visa extension but getting an extension is a rare case, or when policies change after landing in Hungary.

How to Find Verifiable Flight Itinerary for Hungary Visa Application?

You can get a 100% provable round-trip flight itinerary for the Hungary visa application by clicking this link. We give flight reservations in 1 – 2 hours, and they contain up to 3 weeks validity.flight-reservation-for-visa

How to book Hotel Booking for Hungary Visa Application?

A guaranteed hotel booking should be verifiable via hotel management by phone and email. You can get a valid hotel booking for your Hungary visa application by using this link.



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