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Germany Visa Application Requirements, Types & Apply Guidelines

To make Germany trip possible, you need to apply for a Schengen visa for Germany. It does not matter where you belong if you require a Schengen visa for travel, you need to know the Germany visa application requirements first.

We assure you will find this article a guide for comprehending Germany visa application requirements, types of German Schengen visa, cost, and how to apply for a German Schengen visa. So we request here please stay with us and read this article properly. If you want to apply for a German visa by yourself, review this article thoroughly. Just follow the instructions step by step, attach all required documents and hurray you are applying for a German visa successfully. You can also apply for a Germany visa application online(via german VFS service) for any german visa using this article.

This complete document covers the following aspects regarding the Germany visa application requirements:

  • Required documents for german visa application
  • Who will need to get a Germany Schengen visa?
  • Fee/Cost of German Visa
  • Types of Germany Schengen Visa
  • Who will and who will not apply for a German visa
  • About additional documents that are necessary to attach with the visa application.


Germany is an excellent place, for tourism the famous spot attracts tourists toward the land of Germany.

There are the following historical places you should need to visit when you are landing here:

  • Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate
  • Cologne Cathedral (Kölner Dom)
  • The Black Forest
  • Neuschwanstein
  • The Rhine Valley
  • Berlin’s Museum Island
  • Bamberg and the Bürgerstadt
  • The Island of Rügen

Enormous numbers of students /scholars apply for a german study visa from all over the world because Germany considers being a hub of education. There are too many top-class universities exist that have very experienced professors and faculty staff.

There are the following top-ranked universities in Germany in which you should apply for a student visa: 

  • LMU Munich
  • Technical University of Munich
  • Heidelberg University
  • Charité (Universitätsmedizin Berlin)
  • University of Tübingen

Moreover, Germany is also officially known as the Federal Republic of Germany. It has covered 357,022 square kilometers of area located in central and western Europe. According to European Union statistics, since 14 June 1985, after Germany sign Schengen Agreement, a vast number of visa applications were received every year to the German embassies or consulates for short-term and other german visas.

Years SUM of Uniform visas applied for SUM of Total uniform visas issued (including MEV) SUM of Multiple entry uniform visas (MEVs) issued SUM of Total LTVs issued SUM of Uniform visas not issued Not issued rate for uniform visas Share of MEVs
2019 2,171,309 1,916,408 1,664,448 41,595 213,306 9.8% 86.9%
2018 2,056,296 1,838,775 1,555,031 30,822 186,699 9.1% 84.6%
2017 2,049,055 1,857,770 1,525,361 34,892 156,393 7.6% 82.1%

Source Data: Europa.eu

Important Information for Apply Visa Application At German Embassies or Consulates

You will need to apply for a short-stay visa at the German embassy/consulate from your homeland if:

  • You are visiting other Schengen countries, but an extended stay will be in Germany.
  • You want to explore other Schengen areas, but the first landing point is Germany.

Who And Who Will Not Enter Germany?

All EU/Blue passport holder does not need Schengen visa to travel Germany they will need to complete identificational documents and take flight for Germany.

The nationals/citizens of the following countries need to apply for a Schengen visa for travel to Germany:

  • Nationals of third-world countries
  • Citizens of those countries who do not yet sign the Schengen Agreement.
  • Not Citizens of EU/USA or any country which already signs the Schengen agreement.

Types of Schengen Visa for Germany?

If you plan to visit Germany, you need to select a specific visa type according to your travel purpose.

There are two main types of german visas short-stay and long-stay.

Short-Stay Visa Types:

  • German Tourist or Visitor Visa
  • German Business Visa
  • German Airport Transit Visa
  • German Training Visa
  • German Language Short Course Visa
  • Visa for the Recognition of Professional Qualifications
  • German Trade Fair & Exhibitions Visa
  • German Visa for Cultural, Film Crew, Sports, and Religious Event Purpose
  • German Visa for Spouse / Relatives of EU / German Nationals


Long-Stay Visa Types:

  • German Study Visa
  • German Language Course Visa
  • German Job Seeker Visa
  • German Employment Visa
  • Freelance Visa
  • German Scholar Visa
  • Medical Treatment Visa
  • Family Reunion Visa to Join a Relative or Partner


Below we have listed some additional required application documents for the most frequently requested german visas.

Common Required Documents for German Schengen Visa Application:

Check out the list of generally required documents for any german visa. You must need to attach the following documents with the german visa application to fulfill all embassy requirements.

  • Germany visa Application Form / German Schengen Visa Application Form: After downloading the form(pdf), please provide accurate details about yourself, and regarding your travel purpose.
  • Passport: It should be at least valid for 6 months before start applying for a Germany visa application.
  • Photographs: Two photographs according to the application form. The background color should be neutral grey.
  • Proof of Accommodation: A valid hotel booking for a stay in Germany during the whole trip.
  • Flight Itinerary / Round-Trip Reservation: Should have confirmed booking reference number, and departure/exit dates.
  • Travel Medical Insurance: Must cover the full Schengen area and provide coverage of 30000 Euros with 0 Euro deductible. Travel insurance is mandatory in Germany.
  • An Invitation Letter(if applicable).
  • Bank Statment/Means of subsistence: Last 3 months bank statement with demanding balance is mandatory for german visa application.
  • A cover letter.
  • Proof of civil status: This is maybe a marriage certificate, death certificate, etc.


You need to attach the following documents concerning your work status:

If Employed:

  • Leaves permission letter from the employer.
  • Contract letter from the company
  • Last 6 months bank statement.

If Self Employed:

  • Business confirming letter(business license)
  • CK1 registration records
  • VAT Registration Documents 

Germany Student Visa Requirements:

  • German University Acceptance Letter / Enrollment Letter
  • NOC letter from the designated university.

If Retired:

  • Pension assurance.

If Applicable:

  • Proof of regular income generated by the property.

What are the required documents for minors(Under-Age Children) German Visa?

If you want to apply german visa application for minors then you will need to attach the following required documents:

  • Valid birth certificates of all minors
  • Signed consent form / formal letter – if they travel alone.
  • Required signed consent form if travel with one of the parents.

Please Note: Most of the time the above documents achieve german visa application requirements like(Germany tourist visa requirements) but sometimes you will need to attach some additional documents with your visa application accordingly to your travel purpose. First, you need to select your visa type then, find out the exact list of documents via visiting the German visa official website for more details.

The additional documents may be following:

  • Formal Invitation Letter.
  • Bank Block Account(for student visa).
  • Job Experience letters, Job offer letters( for Germany work visa requirements).

germany-visa-required application-documents

Source Data: Germany-visa

How Can I Submit a German Visa Application for a Short Stay Visa?

After understanding all Germany visa application requirements, now you can apply for a German short-stay visa. There are the following steps you need to take for submitting your visa application.

  1. Where you need to apply at the German Embassy or using VFS services.
  2. Select the German visa type.
  3. Arrange all necessary documents for the German visa application.
  4. Make a visa appointment.
  5. Attend visa interview at the relevant Germany Embassy / Consulate / VAC.
  6. Wait for the response.

How Much Time does Will take Embassy To Process My German Visa Application?

There is no exact answer because it’s totally up to the embassies or consulate’s workload. Normally they will take 15 days, 30 days in peak workload, and may take 60 days in extra workload for processing your visa.

What is the cost of German Visa Processing?

  • Short-stay visa processing cost for adults = €80
  • Long-stay visa processing cost for adults = €75
  • Visa processing cost for under 12 age children = €40
  • Free For under 6 age children

How To Get Round Trip Reservation for My Germany Visa Application?

You can book a verifiable flight itinerary that appropriately meets Germany visa application requirements, from the following link.flight-reservation-for-visa

Where To Find Hotel Booking for My Germany Visa Application Requirements?

Book your accommodation in Germany, get a confirmed hotel booking should be provable via hotel management by phone and email. You can get a confirmed hotel by using this link.hotel-booking-for-visa-application

Please Note: Germany policy about health insurance after landing in Germany is very strict, so you need to follow “krankenkassenzentrale” for more information regarding medical health insurance after landing in Germany.


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