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Most Frequently Asked Schengen Visa Interview Questions

If you are looking for a Schengen visa, you will need to overcome with interview procedure. If you want to relinquish you visa interview smoothly, you need to know about most asked Schengen visa interview question, as well as the way to answer them correctly.

A visa interview is a predominant process for getting any country visa. Many travelers are afraid when the embassy or diplomatic officer invites them for a visa interview. Afterward, travelers are interested to know about the question that is interrogated them during the visa interview.

In this document, you will know about most asking Schengen visa interview questions. Please note these questions are not specifically for a Schengen visa, although you can use them for any visa type. 

The Most Frequently Asked Schengen Visa Interview Questions Are:

Why do you want to travel to this country, or what is the purpose of your visit?

The most asked question you want to answer very confidently, explain why you want to visit along with your supporting documents.

Will you please explain your visiting country?

When the diplomatic office asks you about your visiting country, you can inform them about famous monuments or tourist places. Please note briefing about your visit depending on the trip’s nature. You can modify your answer accordingly.

Is this your first visit to the Schengen area?

You can answer elaborately or say yes, or no.

Can I ask how many days you will stay in your destined country?

Please inform the total number of days to stay, and you need to verify your departure and return date using your flight reservation.flight-reservation-for-visa

When do you return to your home country?

If you fail to satisfied the visa officer regarding this question, then you may get visa rejection. So, please answer very carefully and try to satisfy your visa officer.

Had you traveled ever before?

You can give your answer as yes or no or with an explanation.

Are you married or single?

If you are married, inform the date of your marriage, otherwise say I’m single.

Are you Travelling with someone or alone?

If you are traveling with someone else, please explain your relationship with other people. If not, say alone.

What is your bank statement? Is it cover your whole trip?

Say yes, and put your bank statement in front of the visa officer immediately.

Do you have a scholarship for your study?

This question might ask if you go on a study visa if you are going for study and have a scholarship show the proof to the officer.

Where do you live after landing in the destination country?

If you are plan to live with your relatives or friends, please inform the address, otherwise show your hotel booking document to the officer. hotel-booking-for-visa-application

Name the company for which you are working?

Please inform the name of your current company, designation and also mention the joining date.

What Does Your Company Do?

Here you need to mention all the services in which your company deals.

What is your educational qualification?

Briefly explain about your all previous degrees, and please inform exact details that mentioned on your CV.

How do you spend your time in your home country?

Explain your activities like office hours, hobbies, bedtime, tea time, etc.

What is your father/mother do?

Describe your father/mother’s profession, activities, and how they spend the whole day with you.

What is your plan when you come again to your home country?

Explain what you will do when you return to the Schengen area, start your job again? Further studies, etc.


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