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Step-by-Step Guide to Apply Italian Schengen Visa from Bahrain

If you are a Bahrain Passport holder or living as a foreigner and urge to visit Italy, you ought to apply for an Italian Schengen visa from Bahrain. But submitting the Italian visa application is not a simple assignment. You should comprehend the basic requirements which can support you for visa approval. As the Italian consulate strictly enforces the completion of required documents and acquiring a hassle-free application from Bahrainis, thus your application should follow the sequence of embassy requirements.

In this manuscript, we will delineate a step-by-step procedure to apply Italian Schengen visa from Bahrain, the required documents, and where you can submit the application after consummation. The Bahrainis are the premier audience of this article, but non-nationals would follow it to obtain an Italian visa from Bahrain. You can achieve a successful visa acceptance rate if you heed this article with ultimate focus and accomplish all Italian visa requirements stated under this artifact.

According to a survey of the European Union Statistics, we are conferring the past three years dataset that shows the number of applications received by the Italian consulate from Bahrain, and the visa acceptance ratio is more than 90%. In short, if you want to apply for an Italian Schengen visa from Bahrain, there are numerous chances to acquire it with the appropriate application and documentation.

Years Schengen State Country Consulate Number of Visa Applications Visas Issued Visas Denied Not issued rate for uniform visas
2020 Italy BAHRAIN MANAMA 883 812 71 8.04%
2019 Italy BAHRAIN MANAMA 7,202 6,764 438 6.08%
2018 Italy BAHRAIN MANAMA 6,013 5,592 379 6.30%

Types of Italian Schengen Visa from Bahrain

If you are looking to apply Italian visa, the foremost step is to designate the visa type according to your travel purpose. You can choose the visa type from the below list and access the specific requirements correspondingly.

You can study more regarding short & long stay Italian visas from VFS official webpage. It will help you to discover the requirements for a specific Italian visa type.


Required Documents for Applying Italian Schengen Visa from Bahrain

Acquiring the required documents is an obligatory task for getting an Italian visa. There is no tranquillity allowed by the embassy concerning the required documents. Failure to submit the following documents during application time will lead to visa rejection.

  • Italian Visa Online Application: It should be duly filled out online and signed by the applicant. Keep it with other required documents.
  • Your Passport: Must be valid for more than three months from the intended date of the trip, not older than ten years. It must have two blank pages.
  • Copies of Previous Passports (if applicable)
  • 1 Photograph: Must be passport-size (35×40mm) pictures with a bright color background. Find more details regarding the Schengen visa photo here.
  • Residence Permit: You should submit a copy of the residence permit. It is mandatory if you are a non-Bahraini.
  • Cover Letter (if applicable): Explain why you are visiting Italy and provide additional details. You can find the best way to write a cover letter for a visa application here.
  • Proof for GCC Nationals: Copy of valid Bahraini CPR reader or proof of residency.
  • Flight Reservation (round-trip)It must be with the departure and return dates and locations.
  • Travel Medical Insurance: It must support coverage of 30000 Euro and cover all Schengen zone.   
  • Sponsorship Letter: You can read how to write a Sponsorship letter for a visa application using this link.
  • Hotel Booking: The genuine proof of accommodation after landing in Italy. You can read more about the hotel reservation using this link.
  • Proof of Employment Status: You can submit a job contract letter that describes your job rank, salary, company seal, and joining date. 
  • Invitation LetterShould be written by an individual or organization inviting you to Italy.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds3 months of bank and Credit card statements. The available funds should cover the trip duration expenses accordingly to the selected Schengen state per day expense.
  • No Objection Letter (NOC)Stated that your employer or institute has no objection to your leaving and mentioned when you join again.

You can find in-depth characteristics regarding the required documents for an Italian visa from this link.



Ultimate Approach to Apply Italian Schengen Visa from Bahrain

There is no source available on the Italian Consulate webpage for applying directly. But they recommend VFS Global as the official inception for submitting an Italian visa application by following the below steps:


1) Select your visa type

Selection of the visa type is the primary step for the Italian visa application. You can retrieve targeted visa requirements like required documents, processing time, visa fees, and photograph specifications from here. 


2) Prepare the visa application & Documents

When you get the visa requirement, prepare the application and arrange all required documents. You will duly fill out the application form and then attach it with other documents.

3) Book your visa appointment

After the collection of the required documents and preparation of the application now need to book an appointment for application submission.


4) Pay your visa fees

You can pay visa fees online or submit fees directly to the application center. You will pay the application fees in person on the day of the visa appointment.

5) Visit the visa application center

After setting up the documentation, visit the VAC on the booked date and submit the visa application with the required documents in person. Below are the center details where you can apply:


6) Track your application

After the application submission, you can track your application using this link.

7) Collect your passport

After all processes, including Biometric data capturing and Rectifying the application, you will announce by the consulate regarding acceptance or rejection. After the decision, you will collect your passport in person from the VAC.


Italian Visa Application Fees from Bahrain

If you want to apply for an Italian visa from Bahrain, then you need to submit the following fees under your currency exchange rate:

Schengen visa fee for 12+ years = 80 Euro / 32.4 BHD

Schengen visa fee for children between 6-12 years = 40 Euro / 16.2 BHD

Schengen visa fee for children 0-6 years = 0 EUR

VFS service fees = 5.10 BHD


Contact Italian Consulate General in Manama, Bahrain

If you have queries concerning the application procedure or visa requirements, you may contact to Italian Consulate General directly.


Address: Villa 1554 – Road 5647 – Block 356 Manama.

Email: ambasciata.manama@esteri.it

Phone:  +973 17 252 424


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