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Step-by-Step Guide for Apply French Schengen Visa from Thailand

France is an alluring travel destination for tourists due to its rich historical significance, invaluable cultural marvels, and absolutely picturesque landscapes. For every traveler, France offers a plethora of captivating experiences, whether they are visiting to Schengen area for the first time or seasoned veterans of Europe. French Rivera allures with its opulent coastlines, whereas the romantic epicenter, Paris, is adorned with renowned architectural monuments such as the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. The French countryside is full of picturesque villages and vineyards for an enjoyable adventure, extending beyond the urban landscapes. In this article, learn more about how to apply for French Schengen Visa from Thailand, French visa appointment booking, visa application processing time, and French visa application process in Thailand.

Visitors from Thailand to France

According to European Union Statistics, the number of visitors from Thailand visiting France yearly and the settled visa approval rate by the French consulate is almost 98%.

Years Schengen State Country Consulate Number of Visa Applications Visas Issued Visas Denied Not issued rate for uniform visas
2018 France THAILAND BANGKOK 62,120 60,408 1,276 2.05%
2019 France THAILAND BANGKOK 51,900 49,310 2,224 4.29%
2020 France THAILAND BANGKOK 9,905 9,271 448 4.61%

Applying for a French Schengen Visa from Thailand

A Schengen visa is required for Thai passport holders to visit France. Thailand citizens and residents who are legally residing in Thailand are eligible to apply for a visa at the Embassy of France in Bangkok, Thailand. The Embassy alone is authorized to accept or reject visa applications.

Moreover, if you are Thai citizen and desired to visit other Schengen countries like Italy or Spain then you may redirect to attached links for getting complete application procedure from Thailand.


Documents Required for French Schengen Visa from Thailand

Thailand citizens require a bunch of documents for applying for French Schengen visa from Thailand. The documents required are:

  • A Thai passport that has a validity of at least up to 6 months.
  • Copy of passport’s photo page
  • Completely fill out the application form from the official website for the French Schengen visa by the French Government. Application form can be obtained by selecting the type and purpose of the required French visa.
  • Two ID photographs colored in white background with 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm measurement.
  • Any proof of employment that specifies the applicant’s position
  • In case the applicant is self-employed a copy of the business registration certificate is required
  • A letter from a French Resident indicating sponsorship
  • The reason for visiting France is specified in a motivation letter.
  • Proof of accommodation including hotel booking or residence
  • Bank statements of the applicant of the previous 3 months of the current account are required or of the Company, or 3 last pay slips, or pension certificate, indicating the monthly amount of the pension (with translation in French). The statements should justify that you have sufficient funds for your trip.
  • Flight booking proof
  • Travel health insurance certificate 

Types of French Schengen visas offered at The Embassy of France in Thailand

There are three types of visas depending on your reason for traveling to France from Thailand:


Process to apply for French Schengen Visa from Thailand

The steps to follow when applying for Visa are as follows:

Step 1 – Identification of the type of required visa

Step 2 – Start your visa application

Step 3 – Booking an appointment

Step 4 – Payment of required charges

Step 5 – Submission of application to the Visa

Step 6 – Tracking the application

Step 7 – Collection of Passport


Step 1 – Identification of the type of required visa

Identify the type of required visa


After selecting the type of Visa select the visa wizard


Fill in the required information, your nationality, age, place of application submission, visa type, place of destination, and travel document.




Next, enter your plans and purpose of stay and click search


A set required documents list will appear


Note the amount to be paid according to your French Schengen Visa requirement and click Submit online application form


Step 2 – Start your visa application

On clicking submit an online application you will be asked to register if you are a new user or login on the website


Start the application by clicking on the tab

start-french-visa-application-filling-from thailand

Fill in the application and once it is finished print the form and sign it.


Step 3 – Booking an appointment

Register on the Visa Application Centre website and make an appointment to submit the application


Step 4 – Payment of required charges

Here are the Schengen visa fees that you should pay before starting visa processing

Short-stay = 3,093 THB

Children under 6 = 0 THB

Children aged 6 – 12 = 1,546 THB

Long-stay = 3,828 THB


The Visa charges are paid in cash or by debit/credit card. All dues paid are non-refundable.

Step 5 – Submission of application at the Visa Center

Submit the application at the TLS Visa center by following the below:

Try to reach the center 15 minutes prior to the appointment

Don’t send someone in your place for the appointment

Take all supporting documentation (originals and copies) along with the printed and duly signed application form.

You will be asked to submit biometric identification at the center. A digital finger scanner will scan images of all 10 digits, and a digital photo will be taken. The application will not be processed

without biometric identification.

You may also inquire regarding your application. Such as:

  • What do you know about France and if you know anyone residing there?
  • Will you be traveling alone?
  • What do you do in Thailand?

Step 6 – Tracking the application

Track your application through the TLS Contact Center website


Step 7 – Collection of Passport

Applications take around 15 to 30 days to process. As soon as the decision is made regarding the

Visa, the passport can be collected from the TLS Visa Center where the application was submitted or the

center’s Express Courier Return service can be used.

TLS Contact Center In Bangkok, Thailand

  • All French Schengen Visa applications in Thailand are examined by the French Embassy in Bangkok, only the Embassy is authorized to make decisions about visas.
  • Visa applicants can visit any of the TLScontact centre to have their visa application processed
  • TLS contact center in Bangkok CALL CENTER: +66 (0) 26 96 38 88
  • French Embassy in Bangkok: 35, Charoenkrung soi 36 – Street Brest, Bangrak 10500 Bangkok Thailand. CALL CENTER: +66 (0) 26 57 21 55


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