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How to Apply French Schengen Visa from Malaysia – Total Steps

Embark on a mesmerizing odyssey from the lush landscapes of Malaysia to the captivating charm of France with the French Schengen Visa. France, a bastion of culture, history, and culinary delights, beckons travelers from Malaysia to indulge in a tapestry of experiences. The iconic Eiffel Tower stands tall in Paris, a symbol of romance and architectural grandeur, while the picturesque vineyards of Bordeaux offer a journey through the senses. From the sun-kissed beaches of the French Riviera to the majestic castles of the Loire Valley, every corner of France exudes its unique allure. This narrative serves as your gateway to navigating the complexities of securing a French Schengen Visa, offering invaluable insights into the application process, appointment arrangements, mandatory travel insurance, and tailored guidelines for Malaysian residents. Allow yourself to be swept away by the French joie de vivre as you traverse historic landmarks, indulge in gourmet delights, and craft unforgettable memories. Your French escapade awaits, and this guide is your passport to unlocking the enchanting treasures of France.

Venture beyond the borders of Malaysia into the enchanting realm of French aspirations, as citizens hailing from diverse lands such as Belarus, India, the Philippines, Nigeria, the Maldives, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Morocco, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman seek the coveted French Schengen Visa. The gateway to this captivating world awaits within the attached links


Visitors who applied for a French Schengen Visa from Malaysia

Based on the Schengen Visa Statistics provided by the European Union, there were 893 visa applications for France from Malaysia in 2022. Out of these 893 applicants, 106 individuals did not receive the visa.

Years Schengen State Country Consulate Number of Visa Applications Visas Issued Visas Denied Not issued rate for uniform visas
2018 France MALAYSIA KUALA LUMPUR 1,465 1,191 229 15.63%
2019 France MALAYSIA KUALA LUMPUR 1,427 1,129 282 19.82%
2021 France MALAYSIA KUALA LUMPUR 1,427 1,129 282 19.82%

Applying for a French Schengen Visa from Malaysia

Although Malaysian citizens are granted visa-free entry to France, citizens of other nations living in Malaysia who wish to explore the captivating landscapes of the country for business or pleasure purposes are required to obtain a French Schengen Visa. Applications must be submitted to the Consulate of the French Embassy in the Schengen nation where the prospective resident intends to allocate the majority of their stay. Schengen Visa holders are granted an extended stay of no less than 90 days within 180 days in the Schengen area, provided they possess a valid visa.

The consular facility located at the French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur is the designated location for third-country applicants from Malaysia who are in pursuit of obtaining a Schengen visa for France. The applicants can fill out the application form, note the required documents, and book an appointment on the official portal available on the website of the French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Through the utilization of its cutting-edge facilities, the French Visa Consular Centre guarantees a smooth and effective visa application procedure. Applicants for academic, professional, or recreational objectives are assisted by a cordial and well-informed staff throughout the application process. Introduce yourself to the marvels of France using an enlightening and pleasurable visa application process. 


steps-for-applying-french-visa-from-malaysia-france-visasFrench Schengen Visas are available for Third-Country Nationals at the Embassy of France in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Depending on your purpose for traveling from Thailand to France, there are three types of visas available:

1. Short-term Schengen Visa: Valid for up to 90 days, suitable for tourists, individuals visiting family or friends, or short-term educational purposes.

2. Long-term Schengen Visa: Designed for stays exceeding 90 days, suitable for purposes such as employment, business, education, or family reunion.

3. Airport Transit Visa: For individuals with connecting flights to another destination.


Steps to apply for a French Schengen Visa from Malaysia

Third-country nationals intending to visit France as their sole or primary destination can submit their visa applications at the Consular Office of the French Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Here are the steps to adhere to when seeking a visa:

Stage 1: Determination of the Needed Visa Category

Stage 2: Completion of the Visa Application Form

Stage 3: Scheduling a Consular Appointment for Visa Submission

Stage 4: Settlement of Visa Processing Fees

Stage 5: Visit to the Visa Application Centre

Stage 6: Monitoring the Progress of the Schengen Visa Application

Stage 7: Retrieval of Documents

Step 1: Determination of the Needed Visa Category

Choosing the appropriate visa category through the visa wizard and confirming eligibility are essential steps before initiating an application for a French Schengen visa. Upon selecting the visa type, you will encounter the processing fees, necessary documents to accompany the visa application and form specifications. For all documents not in English, a translated version must be provided alongside.


Step 2: Completion of the Visa Application Form

Once you’ve identified the necessary visa for applying for a French Schengen visa from Malaysia, you need to complete the online visa application form and obtain a printed copy of the application to duly sign it for submission. The application form can be accessed via the visa portal after adding information in the visa wizard of the French Embassy consulate.


Step 3: Scheduling a Consular Appointment for Visa Submission

To submit your online visa application, printed and signed, along with the necessary documents, at the French visa application center in Kuala Lumpur, you must book an appointment online via the consulate portal. During the scheduled appointment, biometric data, including fingerprints and photographs, will be formally collected at the Visa Application Centre. It’s imperative for anyone seeking a French Schengen visa to schedule an appointment in advance. The appointment confirmation is sent via email simultaneously with the appointment letter.


Step 4: Settlement of Visa Processing Fee

Individuals aged 12 and above are required to pay 80 euros for the visa, whereas children aged 6 to 11 are charged only 40 euros. Children under five years old are exempt from any charges. Different fees may apply to nationals of certain countries due to visa facilitation agreements officially signed with Russia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cabo Verde, and Armenia. At the Visa Office, only Malaysian Ringgit (RM) in cash is accepted to pay the visa fee. 

Fee for applicants aged 12 and above- 408 MYR

Fee for applicants aged 6 to 11- 204 MYR

Fee for applicants 5 and below- 0 MYR


Step 5: Visit to the Visa Application Centre

Upon your arrival at the visa office, accompanied by your duly completed and signed application for a French Schengen visa and all requisite documents for submission, you will be cordially received. Maintaining punctuality is of the utmost importance; therefore, for appointments, arrive on time at all times and bring your passport, complete application materials, and the processing charge in cash. Please be advised that in the event of unforeseen circumstances, operational hours may be temporarily modified. Whenever possible, any changes will be duly communicated in advance. Additionally, on national holidays, remember to observe any restrictions or closures that may be in effect.

Step 6: Monitoring the Progress of the Schengen Visa Application

Upon submission of the visa application, the applicant will receive a receipt confirming that the visa has been processed at the Consulate. Subsequently, the applicant can track the status of the French Schengen visa application on the visa portal under “My Applications”. 


Step 7: Retrieval of Documents

After your application has been processed, you will be requested to retrieve your passport from the designated visa application center. Some countries provide a “passport courier service” for added convenience. Kindly verify the availability of this service with your visa application center.


Required Documents for a French Schengen Visa from Malaysia

To apply for a French Schengen visa from Malaysia, nationals of other countries need to prepare a specific set of documentation. The required documents include:

Application Form: To initiate a Schengen visa application, you must complete an official form in its entirety and affix your signature. In the case of minors, a parent’s or legal guardian’s signature is obligatory.

Photograph: Submit a recent passport-size photograph, facing the camera, without any obstruction to the face’s oval, and set against a white or light background. Photographs of minors should exclude any adults holding them.

Passport: A valid passport with unrestricted access is mandatory. Provide both the original and a photocopy of the passport’s biometric information pages. Ensure the passport remains valid for at least three months beyond the intended departure from Schengen territory, with a minimum of two blank pages. Passports issued over a decade ago are not acceptable.

Medical Insurance: Furnish a Travel Medical Insurance Document covering repatriation expenses, urgent medical attention, and emergency hospital treatment throughout the Schengen area for the entire stay. A minimum coverage of €30,000 or equivalent in local currency is compulsory. For multiple-entry visa applications, ensure medical coverage is valid for the initial intended entry, and commit to securing insurance for future travels.

Fee: Visa fees are €80 for individuals aged 12 and older, and €40 for minors aged 6 to 11. Children under five are exempt from charges.

Travel Proof: Provide confirmation of a flight reservation or any document detailing the planned itinerary, including round-trip ticket reservations or travel itineraries.

Essential Documents: Include documents supporting the purpose of the journey, details of the stay, financial capability, and commitment to depart the Schengen area before the visa’s expiry.

Accommodation Proof: Present confirmation of hotel reservations or demonstrate financial capacity to cover accommodation expenses.

Proof of Residence: Include evidence confirming residency in the consular district. Additionally, beyond scheduling the applicant for a personal interview, the Consular Office reserves the right to request supplementary documents or information for a comprehensive evaluation of the application.


Recommended Guidelines for Submission of French Visa Application from Malaysia

  • Online appointments are now accessible but only seven days in advance. 
  • Appointments cannot be arranged via email, and inquiries cannot be addressed over the phone.
  • If you do not find any available slots, it indicates that all appointments are booked. Please continue checking online, and refrain from sending emails. New slots will be made available each week, from Monday to Friday.
  • Travelers are solely responsible for verifying the prevailing travel restrictions before departure. Possession of a visa does not guarantee entry into French territory, and travelers must adhere to the entry conditions in force on the travel date.

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