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Step-by-Step Pilot for Applying Italian Schengen Visa from Qatar

After sheathing other Middle East countries like Bahrain, Oman, and Jordan, we have countless requests for delineating the requirements of an Italian Schengen visa from Qatar. As Qatar is an inhabited country in the Middle East, thus our team decided to design an article that can help Qatari to prepare Italian visa applications with an elevated acceptance rate. Traveling for Qataris is possible everywhere, but they require a Schengen visa for entry into Europe (like Italy). Therefore knowing the application procedure is a dominant requisite to guarantee visa approval. So, our experts created this article with advanced precautions, and the decent following will lead you to establish an accurate Italian visa application from Qatar.

This document entertains both Qatari and non-Qatar nationals to proceed with a Schengen visa application for traveling toward Italy. This article is a step-by-step guide for applying Italian Schengen visa from Qatar, the required documents, and where to submit an Italian visa application after completion. It is obligatory to follow it from start to end and obey every aspect of this artifact because your consideration concerning this indenture will decide the endorsement or termination of your trip to Italy.

According to the statistic of the European Union, they received substantial applications yearly, and almost 90% of applicants successfully got an Italian Schengen visa from Qatar. Here we can evaluate the results, which propagate that if the strategy to submit an Italian vis application is appropriate, you have a significant chance to get an Italy visa from Qatar.

Years Schengen State Country Consulate Number of Visa Applications Visas Issued Visas Denied Not issued rate for uniform visas
2020 Italy QATAR DOHA 1,206 1,084 114 9.45%
2019 Italy QATAR DOHA 6,510 5,926 572 8.78%
2018 Italy QATAR DOHA 6,183 5,705 470 7.60%

Types of Italian Schengen Visa from Qatar

Selection of the appropriate visa type is a cardinal step during the application submission. First, you need to pick the Italian visa type for which you are applying and then collect the requirements by following this article.

  • Italian Tourist Visa
  • Italian Employment Visa
  • Italian Transit Visa
  • Italian Reunion Visa
  • Italian Sports Visa
  • Italian Medical Treatment Visa
  • Italian Business Visa
  • Italian Re-Entry Visa
  • Italian EU-Relatives Visa
  • Italian Study Visa

You can scrutinize more details about a specific Italian visa type from this link.


Required Documents for Applying Italian Schengen Visa from Qatar

The availability of all required documents is a mandatory diminution by the embassy/consulate, so make sure you collect all the essential papers before visa appointments.

  • Italian Schengen Visa Application: It should be duly filled out online and signed by the applicant. Keep it with other required documents.
  • Your Passport: Must be valid for more than three months from the intended date of the trip, not older than ten years. It must have two blank pages.
  • Copies of Previous Visas (if applicable): You can submit old visas like Schengen, UK, or USA.
  • 1 Photograph: Must be passport-size (35×40mm) pictures with a bright color background. Find more details regarding the Schengen visa photo here.
  • Residence Permit: You should submit a copy of the residence permit. It should be valid for at least 90 days before the end date of the petition visa (Italian Schengen visa).
  • Cover Letter (if applicable): Explain why you are visiting Italy and provide additional details. You can find the best way to write a cover letter for a visa application here.
  • Letter from Employer: Your employer mentions the applicant’s designation, salary, job joining date, and the purpose of travel.
  • Flight Reservation (round-trip)It must be with the departure and return dates and locations.
  • Travel Medical Insurance: It must support coverage of 30000 Euro and cover all Schengen zone.   
  • Sponsorship Letter: You can read how to write a Sponsorship letter for a visa application using this link.
  • Hotel Booking: The genuine proof of accommodation after landing in Italy. You can read more about the hotel reservation using this link. 
  • Invitation LetterShould be written by an individual or organization inviting you to Italy.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds3 months of bank and Credit card statements. The available funds should cover the trip duration expenses accordingly to the selected Schengen state per day expense.
  • No Objection Letter (NOC)Stated that your employer or institute has no objection to your leaving and mentioned when you join again.

You can find a more in-depth checklist of required documents from this link. You can use the following list assembled by Italian Consulate in Doha.


Step-by-Step Procedure to Apply Italian Schengen Visa from Qatar

We extract the following steps from VFS GLOBAL because it is the only reference suggested by the Italian consulate, and obeying the official sources will give more authenticity and apply more appropriately.


1) Select your visa type

First, you need to retrieve the requirements of the selected Italian visa type. You can check the visa specification using this link, as this knot will help you to collect information like required documents, visa fees, processing time, and photo requirements.

selecting of-visa-type-for-italian-schengen-visa-from-qatar-step-1

2) Organize the visa application

After getting all requirements regarding a specific visa type, you will fill out the Italian visa application and arrange the required documents.

3) Book your visa appointment

Once you outright with the application and required documents, you need to book a appointment for an Italian Schengen visa using this link.


4) Pay your visa fees

After the appointment booking, you should pay the Schengen visa and VFS fees. You can pay fees online or physically at the VFS visa application center.

5) Visit the visa application center

Now is the time to visit the visa application center on the booked date and attend the appointment. Please hold the payment in cash if you don’t pay the fees online because it should pay before the visa appointment.


6) Track your application

After the application submission, you can track your application using this link.

7) Collect your passport

After all processes, including Biometric data capturing and Rectifying the application, you will announce by the consulate regarding acceptance or rejection. After the decision, you will collect your passport in person from the VAC.


Italian Visa Application Fees from Qatar

We enlisted the Schengen visa fees that you will disburse at the time of the appointment. You can pay the following payments in cash or with a Credit / Debit card. 

Schengen visa fee for 12+ years = QAR 289

Schengen visa fee for children between 6-12 years = QAR 145

Schengen visa fee for children 0-6 years = No Visa fees

VFS service fees = QAR 28


Contact Italian Consulate General in Doha, Qatar

If you have queries concerning the application procedure or visa requirements, you may contact to Italian Consulate General in Doha directly.


Address: Embassy of Italy in Doha

Alfardan Office Tower, 23rd floor, 61 Al Funduq Street, West Bay, 24081

Email: doha.ambasciata@esteri.it  

Phone:  +974 44831828, +974 44831802


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