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Step-by-Step Tutor for Apply Spanish Schengen Visa from Lebanon

Spain, renowned for its mesmerizing history, cultural opulence, and awe-inspiring scenery, entices travelers from Lebanon to embark on an extraordinary journey. Whether you’re an intrepid explorer or a seasoned nomad traversing the Schengen zone, Spain promises moments of revelation at every corner. From the bustling boulevards of Barcelona adorned with architectural marvels to the vibrant ambiance and world-renowned galleries of Madrid, and from the timeless allure of Seville to the sun-kissed coastlines of the Costa del Sol, Spain presents an array of encounters waiting to be discovered by tourists.

For Lebanese adventurers yearning to delve into Spain’s multifaceted culture, indulge in its exquisite cuisine, and forge enduring memories, navigating the process of obtaining a Spanish Schengen visa marks the essential inaugural stride. This comprehensive manual delineates the meticulous procedures for visa application, appointment arrangement, processing timelines, obligatory Schengen travel insurance prerequisites, and precise directives tailored for Lebanese nationals. Prepare to immerse yourself in the enchanting charm of Spain as you embark on this exhilarating odyssey.

Embark on a journey to explore the allure of Spain, which is a destination that captivates travelers from nations across the globe like Nepal, Belarus, Malaysia, Sri Lanka/Maldives, Vietnam, Thailand, Pakistan, Morocco, China, Indonesia, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, or Bangladesh. For visitors originating from Lebanon, these insights provide invaluable counsel on securing a Spanish Schengen visa. Venture forth, dream, and embark on your escapade, for Spain awaits with open arms to embrace your arrival.


Visitors who applied for a Spanish Schengen Visa from Lebanon

According to Schengen Visa Statistics, about 9,475 Lebanese applied for a Spanish Schengen visa in 2022.

Years Schengen State Country Consulate Number of Visa Applications Visas Issued Visas Denied Not issued rate for uniform visas
2018 Spain Lebanon Beirut 17,055 14,707 1,650 9.67%
2019 Spain Lebanon Beirut 17,826 15,239 1,844 10.34%
2020 Spain Lebanon Beirut 2,841 1,631 700 26.02%

Seeking a Spanish Schengen Visa from Lebanon

Lebanese nationals aspiring to travel to Spain for business or leisure must secure a Schengen visa. The application process necessitates submission to the Spanish Embassy Consulate, representing the Schengen country where the longest duration of stay is anticipated. Schengen Visa holders are granted an extended stay of up to 90 days within 180 days within the Schengen area, subject to the validity of their visa.

Travelers with Lebanese passports seeking to apply for a Schengen visa for Spain from Lebanon can do so at the BLS Spain Visa Application Centre located in Beirut. The BLS Spain Visa Application Centre ensures a streamlined and efficient process for submitting visa applications through its fully equipped facilities. At each stage of the application procedure, business, leisure, and educational applicants are greeted by the center’s cordial and knowledgeable staff.


Types of Spanish Schengen Visas available at The Spanish Embassy in Lebanon

The visa requisites vary contingent upon your travel purpose from Lebanon to Spain:

Short-stay Spanish Schengen Visa:

For brief visits to Spain, the Spanish Schengen Visa is indispensable, granting stays of up to 90 days. It caters to tourists, individuals visiting family or friends, those engaged in short-term business or educational pursuits, as well as transit passengers passing through Spanish airports or seafarers navigating Spanish ports.

Long-stay Spanish Schengen Visa:

Tailored for stays surpassing 90 days, the long-term Spanish Schengen Visa facilitates extended residency within the issuing state. Furthermore, it affords the privilege of unrestricted travel for up to 90 days per semester across the territories of other Member States. This visa is optimal for individuals planning extended sojourns in Spain for remote work, entrepreneurial endeavors, training, research, family reunification, internships, academic endeavors, permanent residency, employment opportunities, or capital investment ventures.


Procedure for Obtaining a Spanish Schengen Visa from Lebanon

The Spanish Embassy Consulate in Lebanon has appointed BLS International as the designated service provider, offering administrative support services exclusively to visa applicants.

Below are the sequential steps to follow when applying for a Spanish visa:

  1. Identify Visa Category
  2. Commence Visa Application
  3. Schedule Appointment
  4. Payment of Dues
  5. Submit Visa Application
  6. Monitor Application Status
  7. Retrieve Passport

Step 1 – Identify Visa Category

Prior to commencing your visa application, it is imperative to ascertain the suitable category of the Spanish Schengen visa and confirm your eligibility. Upon selecting the category from the BLS International Visa website, take heed of the mandatory application fee and collect the requisite documentation to ensure precise completion of the application. It is essential to note that any document not originally in English must be translated following the specified guidelines before submission.



Step 2 – Commence Visa Application

Once prepared to submit your application for the Spanish Schengen Visa from Lebanon, download the appropriate application form from the consulate website. Complete the visa application form meticulously, ensuring precision, and subsequently print a physical copy. Lastly, assemble all necessary documents to accompany the Spanish Schengen Visa Application Form when presenting it at the BLS International Visa Application Centre.



Step 3 – Schedule Appointment

Select the Visa Application Centre located in Beirut, Lebanon, where you will submit your application for the Spanish Schengen Visa and arrange for an appointment. At the appointed time, visit the Visa Application Centre to provide biometric data, including fingerprints and photographs. Please be aware that each applicant must schedule their appointment independently for the Spanish Schengen Visa. Upon booking, you will receive confirmation of your appointment, along with an appointment letter via email. For further details on booking an appointment, you can visit the BLS International website and secure an appointment through the provided link.


Step 4 – Payment of Dues

Upon submission at the Visa Application Centre, applicants are required to pay the visa application fee in person, along with the application form.

The fee structure is as follows:

Tourist Visa = 7,869,501 LBP

Children under 6 = 0 LBP

Children between 6 and 12 years = 3,934,750 LBP

BLS International Service Fee = 1,609,670 LBP


Step 5 – Submit Visa Application

It is imperative for applicants to personally deliver the completed application form and all necessary documents to the Visa Application Centres. Additionally, for Spanish Schengen visa applicants below the age of 16, the application form must bear the signatures of both parents.

Step 6 – Monitor Application Status

To monitor the progress of your Spanish Schengen Visa application, utilize the reference number printed on the invoice or receipt issued by the BLS International Visa Application Centre. Access the online tracking system and enter the reference number to stay informed about the status of your application.


Step 7 – Retrieve Passport

Once the Embassy of Spain completes processing your Spanish Schengen Visa application, you’ll receive an email notification indicating that you proceed to the BLS International Visa Application Centre in Beirut, Lebanon, to retrieve your passport. It’s essential to bring along a copy of your identification card when visiting the center.

If you are unavailable to collect the passport personally, you can authorize a close relative to collect it on your behalf. They must present a letter of authorization with your signature, along with copies of both your and their identification cards, and provide evidence of your familial relationship. Alternatively, for applicants who have chosen the Courier Return Service for the passport, it will be delivered to the address provided during submission.


Required Documentation for Obtaining a Spanish Schengen Visa from Lebanon

The required documents for obtaining a Spanish Schengen visa from Lebanon are as follows:  

Schengen Visa Application Form

Each applicant must submit one duly completed and signed Schengen application form. It’s important to note that for children under 18 years old, both parents must sign the application form. Additionally, copies of the father’s and mother’s passports or IDs must be attached.

Passport Photograph

One recent colored passport photograph measuring 3.5 x 4.5 cm, adhering to ICAO standards. The background should be white, and the passport photograph should not be older than six months.


You are required to present your original passport with a validity exceeding three months after your scheduled return, along with any previous passports and photocopies of previous visas. Please note that if you are applying with a foreign passport, you must provide one of the following:

  • A valid residency permit in Lebanon (“IKAMA”) (not applicable to Lebanese and Syrian citizens),
  • A Lebanese Passport,
  • Or a Lebanese ID or Civil Register (“EKHRAJ KAID FARDE”) translated into English, French, or Spanish by a certified translator.

Proof of Financial Means

  • Recent personal bank account statements for the past 3 months, stamped by the bank. Note that a letter or certificate from the bank stating only the balance is not acceptable.
  • International credit cards and their statements.
  • Savings books.
  • Evidence of retirement benefits or deeds of real estate property in Lebanon or Europe.

For students:

  • Parental warranty including proof of professional background and financial means of the parents.

For non-working individuals:

  • Evidence of the professional background of the person covering the living expenses, along with proof of financial means and a notary warranty letter.

Medical Insurance

You must obtain travel medical insurance that covers the entire duration of your intended stay in Schengen countries. The insurance company must have an assistance office within Schengen, and the insurance policy should provide a minimum coverage of €30,000 for medical treatment, emergency hospital admissions, and repatriation.

Proof of Professional Background

For self-employed individuals:

  • Recent proof of company registration and a commercial circular not older than 2 years.
  • Evidence of commercial or business activities.

For members of independent professions:

  • Syndicate card and evidence of current practice.

For employees:

  • Employment letter containing the date of employment, salary attestation, duration of leave, and employer’s guarantee of resuming functions upon return to Lebanon.
  • Commercial circular from the person signing your job letter.
  • Sponsorship statement from your employer covering all expenses during your trip.

For students:

  •  School or university registration certificate and a university ID card for the current year.

Documentation Confirming the Purpose of the Trip

  • For family visits, an invitation letter endorsed by a police station or notary public in Spain, along with evidence of familial connections, is imperative.
  • Tourism activities necessitate a comprehensive itinerary, confirmed accommodation bookings, and letters outlining the reasons for the journey.
  •  Organized tours or incentive trips require documentation such as letters from tour operators, contractual agreements, and lists of delegation members.
  • A reservation for a round-trip ticket or proof of an airline ticket booking is mandatory.


Spanish Schengen Visa Checklist

  • You are required to submit a checklist of documents when applying for Schengen visa.


BLS International Lebanon Contact Information


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