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Step-by-Step Guide for Applying French Schengen Visa from China

According to the European Union Policies, Chinese citizens should undergo Schengen visa processing for traveling to France. As China is located in East Asia, the same visa regulations will apply to China as other Asian countries, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Moreover, the dominant goal of this writing is to educate Chinese travelers who desire to relocate to France and glance for the ultimate booklet regarding how to apply for a French Schengen visa from China. Secondly, our team already facilitates Chinese nationals with identical articles who want to apply for a Schengen visa for Italy and Spain, and we had positive satisfaction from our followers.

If you have Chinese citizenship and examine the way to apply for a French Schengen visa from China, then you are in the right domain. In this article, we introduce a step-by-step procedure concerning how to apply for a French Schengen visa from China, the documents you will require from the Embassy, and where to submit the visa application after the completion. Please note the same approach will help both Chinese and non-Chinese(foreign nationals living in China) travelers to put their Schengen visa application to the Embassy and clutch the chance to move France.

As per records of the European Union, the French consulate of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Wuhan gathered millions of applications for French visas every year, and the rejection ratio was 5%, which means the success rate of a French Schengen visa from China is almost 95%. So, if you have a Chinese passport, now you have the possibility to get a French Schengen visa by following this article nicely and following the instructions carefully.

Years Schengen State Country Consulate Number of Visa Applications Visas Issued Visas Denied Not issued rate for uniform visas
2018 France CHINA BEIJING 241,836 226,142 14,391 5.95%
2019 France CHINA GUANGZHOU 130,666 124,632 5,290 4.05%
2020 France CHINA SHANGHAI 14,159 14,221 1,317 8.48%
2021 France CHINA WUHAN 54 48 1 2.04%

Types of French Schengen Visa from China

Concurrence of visa application is directly related to the gratification of requirements, and you will gather the exact requirements only if you know the type of visa you targeted. Here are the following French visa types for which you can submit the application. First, choose the visa type according to your trip purpose and then start a collection of requirements accordingly.

The above list presents the most commonly used French visa types. If you need more information regarding the specific type, like required documents, how to apply, and fees, you can visit this link.


Required Documents for Applying French Schengen Visa from China

If you talk about the only component that can impact your application positively or negatively, it should be an attachment of the required documents with your French visa application. It is compulsory to couple all demanded papers with the application if you want to start processing, or else your petition will be put into the dustbin.

  • French Schengen Visa Application: It should be duly filled out online and signed by the applicant. Keep it with other required documents.
  • Passport: Must be valid for more than three months from the intended date of the trip, not older than ten years. It must have two blank pages plus two copies of your passport.
  • Copies of Previous Visas
  • One Photograph:  Passport-size (35×40mm) picture with a bright background. Find more details regarding the Schengen visa photo here.
  • Proof of Socio-Economic Status: You can submit an employment letter mentioning the applicant’s designation, salary, job joining date, and the purpose of travel, a trade license in case of business, and a school or attendance certificate in case of study.
  • Cover Letter (if applicable): Explain why you are visiting France and provide additional details. You can find the best way to write a cover letter for a visa application here.
  • Flight Reservation (round-trip): It must be with the departure and return dates and locations.
  • Travel Medical Insurance: It must support coverage of 30,000 euros and cover all Schengen zones.   
  • Sponsorship Letter: You can read how to write a Sponsorship letter for a visa application using this link.
  • HukouIf you are non-Chinese, you should submit a copy of your Chinese residence visa or work permit. Your permit should be valid for three months before applying.
  • Hotel Reservation: The proof of accommodation after landing in France. You can book a hotel reservation for your France trip using this link. 
  • Invitation LetterThis letter will be written through an individual or organization inviting you to France.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds3 months of bank and Credit card statements. The available funds should cover the trip duration expenses according to the selected Schengen state per day expense.
  • No Objection Letter (NOC)Stated that your employer or institute has no objection to your leaving and mentioned when you join again.


We mentioned all the required documents that should attached to your French visa application, but you can also retrieve the updated required documents from France-visas.

Ultimate Steps for Applying French Schengen visa from China

If you want to travel to France and fancy to start your visa application, then you should follow the below steps sequentially. The following steps will help you to start from scratch till the final submission, but please read the instructions and follow the steps carefully.


1) Collect your visa requirements

In the first step, you will ensure the visa conditions for your home country if you want to travel France. Afterward, you can gather visa requirements according to the selected visa type. You can commence the whole procedure using Visa Wizard, and this will assist you regarding the collection of visa requirements like required documents, visa fees, and visa prerequisites.


2) Prepare your online application

Once you have a list of required documents, you will log in for the online French Schengen visa application using this link. Fill out the complete information and submit the required documents under the online application platform.


3) Book your visa appointment

After the online application, you will book an appointment for French visa submission using France TLSContact. First, you will create an account and then go for appointment booking.


4) Submit your visa application

Visit the center according to your booked date and time and submit your passport and file in person. If you fail to attend your appointment on time, you will rebook a new one with the same procedure.

5) Collect your passport

After all processes, including Biometric data capturing and Rectifying the application, you have been informed by the consulate regarding acceptance or rejection. After the decision, you will collect your passport in person from the applied TLSContact visa application center (VAC).


French Schengen Visa Application Fees from China

Here are the fees for a Schengen visa that you will pay before processing of your French visa application. You might ask for fee submission before starting your appointment.

Schengen visa fee for 12+ years = 80 EUR

Schengen visa fee for children between 6-12 years = 40 EUR

Schengen visa fee for children 0-6 years = No Visa fees


French Consulates in China 

If you have queries concerning the application procedure or visa requirements, you may contact the French Consulates in China directly.


French Consulate General in Beijing:

Address: No. 60 Tianze Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100600

Phone: (00.86.10)

French Consulate General in Shanghai:

Address: 18th Floor, Tower A, Soho Zhongshan Plaza, No. 1055 Zhongshan West Road

Phone: (00.86.21)

French Consulate General in Wuhan:

Address: Consulate General of France in Wuhan 430000 Room, 1702 , Tower 1, New World International Trade

Phone: (+86 27) 65 79 79 00

French Consulate General in Guangzhou:

Address: Consulate General of France in Guangzhou Room 1901-1907, Kaihua International Center, No. 5, Xiancun Road, Zhujiang New Town, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Postcode: 510623

Phone: (+86 20) 28 29 20 45


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