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Complete Guide for Applying French Schengen Visa from Vietnam

French Schengen visas await eager travelers from Vietnam, extending a warm invitation to explore the treasures of the Schengen Area. France, with its myriad attractions, beckons tourists of all stripes, from seasoned European adventurers to those taking their first steps onto the continent. Begin your journey in the iconic city of Paris, where the majestic Eiffel Tower and other historic landmarks await. Venture beyond the bustling metropolis to discover France’s enchanting countryside, breathtaking coastline, and rich cultural tapestry.

This guide unveils the process of securing a Schengen visa from Vietnam to France. Ensure you have the requisite travel insurance for Schengen entry, meticulously plan your itinerary and accommodations, and navigate the visa application process with ease. Embark on a mesmerizing voyage into the heart of Europe, immersing yourself in the allure of France. From the vibrant streets of Paris to the charming villages of Provence, each corner of France offers a unique blend of history, art, and culinary cuisines waiting to be savored.

If you’re considering applying for a French Schengen Visa from countries other than Vietnam such as Belarus, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, Nigeria, Pakistan, China, Morocco, Thailand, Bangladesh, Qatar, Indonesia, Bahrain, Oman, Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Canada, or the United States, explore the links provided below for relevant information. Your French adventure awaits, regardless of where your journey begins!


Visitors who applied for a French Schengen Visa from Vietnam

In 2022, statistics on Schengen Visa applications revealed that a total of 40,936 Vietnamese applied for French Schengen visas.

Years Schengen State Country Consulate Number of Visa Applications Visas Issued Visas Denied Not issued rate for uniform visas
2018 France VIETNAM HANOI 35,266 32,198 2,814 7.98%
2019 France VIETNAM HO CHI MINH 39,144 33,439 5,059 12.92%
2020 France VIETNAM HANOI 2,611 2,523 191 7.03%

Applying for a French Schengen Visa from Vietnam

Embarking on a French Schengen visa journey from Vietnam entails navigating through specific protocols and procedures tailored for seamless travel within the Schengen zone. Despite Vietnam not being an EU member, travelers bound for France must adhere to the consular guidelines set by the French authorities. Schengen visas facilitate short-term visits of up to 90 days within 180 days, encompassing France and other Schengen member states.

Prospective applicants from Vietnam are required to submit their visa requests to the French consulate in Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, accompanied by a set of essential documents. These include a completed application form, passport-sized photographs, travel itinerary details, accommodation arrangements, proof of financial means, and travel insurance coverage. Moreover, individuals must substantiate the purpose of their visit, whether for business, tourism, or any other legitimate motive. Given the varying processing times for Schengen visas, applicants are advised to apply well in advance of their intended travel dates to ensure timely processing.

To schedule a visa application appointment, Vietnamese citizens can access the TLS Contact website for a French Visa and initiate the process for obtaining a French Schengen visa. The TLS Contact Visa Application Centers in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi offer streamlined services, equipped with modern facilities to facilitate a smooth application experience. Throughout the application journey, applicants can expect courteous and helpful assistance from the dedicated personnel overseeing the process.

ultimate-steps-for applying-french-schengen-visa-from-vietnam

Categories of French Schengen Visas issued at The French Embassy in Vietnam

Explore the diverse array of French Schengen Visas available for travelers from Vietnam to France:

• Short Stay Visa: Tailored for tourists, family visits, or short educational endeavors, the Short Stay French Schengen Visa grants entry for up to ninety days.

• Long Stay VisaDesigned for individuals seeking employment, conducting business activities, pursuing educational opportunities, or reuniting with family members, the Long Stay French Schengen Visa offers extended residency beyond the standard 90-day limit.

• Airport Transit Visa: Ideal for passengers transiting through French airports en route to their final destinations, the Airport Transit Visa facilitates smooth connections for travelers on layovers.


Application Procedure for a Schengen Visa to France from Vietnam

TLS Contact is an exclusive service provider for the French government, authorized to provide administrative support services to visa applicants in Vietnam

The steps to follow when applying for a French Visa are as follows:

Step 1 – Gathering information and Form filling

Step 2 – Document Check

Step 3 – Booking of appointment on TLS Contact

Step 4 – Data Input

Step 5 – Appointment Booking

Step 6 – Application Submission

Step 7 – Visa Processing

Step 8 – Passport Retrieval

Step 1 – Gathering Information and Form Filling

Begin your journey by filling out the France-Visas form. Register with your email and chosen password on the France-Visas website. Remember, your application form must be signed by you. 



Step 2 – Document Check

Review the document list on the France-Visas website corresponding to your travel purpose. Ensure you have all the necessary documents ready before proceeding further.

Step 3 – Setup Your TLS Contact Account

Set up your personal TLScontact account and activate it by clicking the link sent to your email. 


Step 4 – Data Input

Log in to your TLScontact account and enter your personal information. If you’re applying with a group, provide details for all accompanying members and submit the group’s application together.

Step 5 – Appointment Booking

Select a suitable date and time to submit your visa application at the TLScontact center. Remember to print your appointment confirmation letter for entry at the reception area. If necessary, you can also book directly with the French Embassy in Hanoi. Make sure to plan and schedule your application review appointment well in advance of your departure. Check the usual waiting times for appointments.


Step 6 – Application Submission

Arrive punctually for your appointment with the necessary confirmation letter. Your application and supporting documents will undergo a thorough check, and biometric data will be collected. Visa and service fees are payable at the Visa Application Centre. There are also added-value services available at the application center which you can review by visiting the attached link.

Step 7 – Visa Processing

Your application will be evaluated by the Consular Authority. Additional information or documents may be requested if needed. Keep track of your application’s progress through your account.


Step 8 – Passport Retrieval

Once a decision has been made, your passport will be returned to the Visa Application Centre. You’ll receive an SMS notification for collection. Retrieve it in person with the required documents or through an authorized representative with proper authorization and documentation.

Required documents for passport collection include the following:


French Schengen Visa Application Fee

To initiate your visa application, you’ll need to cover the following costs:

Visa fee: This fee is collected by the Consular Authority to process your application.

– Service fee: This fee is collected by TLScontact for handling your visa application.

Please note that paying these fees doesn’t guarantee the approval of your visa application. They are non-refundable and non-transferable, regardless of whether the Embassy staff denies the visa application or if you decide to withdraw your application.

Short-stay for Vietnam nationals = 2,165,500 VND

Long-stay for Vietnam nationals = 2,680,000 VND


Required Documents for French Schengen Visa from Vietnam

Vietnam citizens applying for a French Schengen Visa must provide a specific set of documents. The required documents include:

  • Valid Travel Document: Ensure your travel document was issued within the last decade and has a validity of at least three months beyond your intended departure from the Schengen Area. Scan and submit all pages containing visas, stamps, or other markings.
  • Identification Photograph: Provide a recent ID photograph.
  • Residence Proof: If you’re not a national of Vietnam, present documentation proving your legal residency, such as a residence permit.
  • Official Travel Document: If applicable, include a note verbale with your official travel document.
  • Purpose of Travel/Stay: Travel Agency Confirmation: Obtain a cover letter from a travel agency confirming your organized trip reservation, itinerary, or any other document outlining your planned program. Return Travel Arrangements: Reserve a return ticket or provide a travel itinerary.
  • Socio-Professional Situation: Submit proof of your socio-professional situation, such as an employment contract, work certificate, leave certificate signed by your employer, or proof of pension. Married individuals should also provide certified copies of household registration and marriage certificates.
  • Funds: Financial documentation including bank account statements, pay slips from the past three months, proof of tax payments for companies or businesses, evidence of regular property income, proof of pension, remittances, or any other documentation demonstrating sufficient, reliable, and regular resources. If sponsored by an individual, provide proof of their financial capability. All copies must be certified as true to the originals.
  • Accommodation: Provide a reservation for a hotel or a tenancy agreement for a vacation home. If staying with a private individual, submit proof of accommodation using a Cerfa form.
  • Travel Health Insurance: Insurance Certificate: Obtain a travel health insurance certificate.



Processing Duration for French Schengen Visa from Vietnam

Short-stay visas typically take around three weeks to process, while long-stay visas may require up to two months. However, these processing times are approximate and subject to change based on individual circumstances. Additional supporting documents or verification may extend the processing period. Please be aware that there is no expedited procedure available to shorten the processing time.


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